Have you ever said "I could write a book!"

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  • StAnn

    I, too, am a wannabe writer.

    Here's a thought. Bear with me. There's a series of books that is very popular called "Surprised by Truth." It's a collection of conversion stories of people who have converted to Catholicism.

    What if we all wrote our story of how/why we left the JWs and put then together in one volume? Then we'd each only have to write a small part of the total book. People in this country would be shocked to hear the truth, and all of our voices together would be louder than our individual voices. It would be a great selection for Oprah's Book Club.

    What do you think?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings DJK & Yumbby,

    Reality comes crashing down - illness requiring "meds"; a death in the family - and our ideals and hopes for personal improvement scatter in a bitterly cold and merciless wind. These are the realities that make us who were are, and, if we manage to survive (not necessarily making a full recovery), we weave the bad experienced into whatever good inevitably must follow. I cannot believe that I survived the horrors of the last seven years, yet I have ... JWD is a major contributor to a redemption and recovery I would never have imagined ...

    Pick up your pieces - including those autobiographical leaves scattered asunder - and put them in order. Take your time; there really is no hurry. You owe it to yourself.


  • free2beme

    I have wrote a book, and I am writing another right now.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Salutations sKally, StAnn, daniel and oompa/eyegore:

    Simply, yes! 'Nuff said ...

    Putting our thoughts together - a challenge - is not an impossibility. There certainly have been greater odds against other "impossible" endeavors that became viable realities. Quelle surprise! Non?

    Discipline and maintaining silence do make sense, d. Practice makes progress, and needless, premature exposition takes the wind from the sails. Sales, too.

    Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Unc Vern, Sirius, Padfoot were a germ in the brain of an unknown woman. Notes on napkins, is that what I'm told? Mohandas Ghandi wrote notes on backs of old envelopes (moi aussi - will that of itself lend toward my literary ascent?).


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    So, have you started yet?

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