Have you ever said "I could write a book!"

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Wannabe Writers,

    I'm sure that all of us have been either fascinated (or bored to distraction) by the loquacious reciter of personal tales who tops off his soliloquy with "I could write a book!"

    Writing a book has left the realm of the remote possibility to become a truly practicable challenge.

    Do you have a tale to tell? Would you put pen to paper?


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi CoCo,

    I have a story to tell but no one will read it ... I'm certain of that!

    What should I do?


  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    At school I absolutely loved writing (and I was quite a good writer too). I even tried to convince my parents to let me go to uni to study journalism, but they were not keen.

    I often think that I would love to write a book but honestly, I have no idea where to start.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Princess Daisy,

    You must rent "Finding Forrester" in order to learn how William got Jamal onto the road to authorship! A clue is to get out out the old Underwood (or Microsoft Word, if you are current) and simply type away as you listen to your heart ...

    Do what you love and all the rest will follow!

    Cheers and Success,


  • cluless

    "All Quite On the Western Front" JUST READ IT.

    "Goodbye Mr Chips"Reading it now.

    Those are great books. Fiction that is really reality.

    Most of the time writting is to concernd with narative to be of value . You have to be aware of the story. Of what is happenning in the story. Of structure and detail. There needs to be an element of pain of desperation of hunger to reach something or someone.

    I think when I WAS YOUNG I thought I COULD CHANGE THE WORLD and write a book. . Now I settle for changing the neighbourhood...... Not a book maybe I can write a song.


  • WTWizard

    I could probably write a book, using just the Bible, to ruin Jehovah's name and reputation and trash His purposes. I have seen enough of the wanton destruction of innocent lives and property for no reason, His unreasonable demands for ever more service and worship, and the stock prayer answerings and blessings (??) that I know that He is self serving. Never once have I seen God do anything more than index the original prayer answering and refer to them when someone needs something now.

    For instance, it is common for the witlesses to stop in for coffee. Between the "sisters" at the big boasting sessions and the clerks at the coffee place, that is the only time that the people get to mix with the opposite sex in the organization. So, Jehovah claims it is OK for Him to make sure they all reject you. And, it is OK since Hezekiah had an extra 15 years added to his life (or did he?), Hezekiah had the angel defeat 185,000 people in battle, and Joshua had Jehovah's help in conquering Canaan (destroying innocent people in the process). So don't complain.

    Hopefully, a number of independent people and groups put out such books soon. At least one that I know of is in the works, and probably a number of others. I personally believe that the Bible, and the Watchtower interpretation therein, is just Jehovah's lame excuse for not allowing anything good in people's lives now (and I don't want to hear that story about Jehovah helping someone find a key while someone is dying of cancer when He claims that He could do both and more). When one or more of them hits the market and does a good job at bashing that Almighty Baghead, I will be helping to get more people to see it and appreciate it. And, hopefully I will be able to have the privilege of ruining Jehovah's reputation and destroying in a few months what took Him 6,000 years to work on.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey clueless,

    Go for it! Put any and all "thoughts" down on paper, whether they be musical, literary, artistic ...

    Some of the greatest contributors to the arts worked and reworked their art to a state of perfection, relatively speaking, of course. You must believe that what you do is valuable even if your audience is but a majority of one. Small strokes fall mighty oaks. You need not be a lumberjack to pick up on that trite but true maxim.

    Best wishes,


  • ButtLight

    I started one a few years back, but lost interest.........now Im in a written communication class, and everything has to be done by APA format.....forget it.....I'm dreading writing my 10 page report due in two weeks! (my teacher told me the first day thatI have no organizational skills what-so-ever! I have published two poems though, does that count?

  • DJK

    As a New Years resolution for 2007, I started a book knowing it would take at least two years. I took a college course to improve my writing skills. There will be more courses.

    Its an autobiography focusing on emotions.

    I had fifty pages outlined when my sister passed away in April of 07 and I have struggled ever since. I reached a scene from 1990 and I have struggled even more.

    It will take longer than the two years I had predicted. It may never sell yet the experience will make it worthwhile.


  • yumbby

    Every time I get off my meds, I'm sure I"m going to write the Great American Novel. But then I start taking them again and reality comes crashing down. LOL. Not that I don't have enough material for a book. Everytime someone hears stories of my life the first thing they say is "you should write a book."

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