Lord's Witnesses

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  • Maddie

    ! Out there in the rurals them and the witnesses can take turns driving each other crazy ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Mr. Flipper, that is so funny! I just had a vision of them going at it hammer and tongs, both trying to outdo eachother with false prophecies and running round from door to door with their Bibles trying to get their message in first.


  • flipper

    MADDIE- Even better still - perhaps we can charter a one way ticket on a ship across the Atlantic , and ship them to Libya or some other warm , fuzzy middle eastern country . That is - if the first option doesn't work in Northern New York ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Maddie

    Even better still - perhaps we can charter a one way ticket on a ship across the Atlantic , and ship them to Libya or some other warm , fuzzy middle eastern country . That is - if the first option doesn't work inNorthern New York !

    Hey Mr. Flipper, can you imagine them trying to preach to a lot of Muslims in the desert?! I don't know who would convert who!


  • JK666

    If you sent them all to Libya, they would start committing porneia with the camels. I think I did a thread on that once.



    Just click on my name OBVES and you can access ample proofs why the International Bible Students and their successors are the legitimate witnesses of God of the Bible. The modern dates that are derived from the time when Christ and his first followers lived and taught prove that !

    7 BC - 2 BC - 29 AD - 33 AD - 36 AD

    1879 AD - 1884 AD - 1914 AD - 1918 AD - 1921 AD

  • freydi

    This has been a pretty entertaining group to follow. They like to whitewash their image. Here is something saved from one of the previous editions.

    "It would have be a lot more helpful if the Watchtower would communicate with us. Had they done this then perhaps we would be able to save many more lives in NYC, by making less mistakes and therefore losing less credibility".............

    We now predict a terrorist Nuclear Bomb will hit the UN plaza in Midtown Manhattan on 2006Tishri10 (between Sundown Thursday October 5th and Sundown Friday October 6th)

    Here are the mistakes we have made...
    2006Iyyar21 (May 19/20) [7 days after 2006Iyyar14]
    2006Iyyar28 (May 26/27) [7 days after first mistaken date]
    2006Iyyar11 (June 8/9) [First day of the 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 incorrectly calculated]
    2006Sivan12 (June 9/10) [First day of the 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 correctly calculated but misinterpreted]
    2006Tammuz2-6 (June30-July4) [7th sabbath after 1st mistake/7th sabbath omitting 2006Sivan5/7th Sabbath lookout day]
    2006Tammuz28/29 (July 25 - 27) [Assumed contest began on 911]
    2006Ab3/4 (July 30 - August 1) [Assumed second 'day' of contest began when wheat went limit up in Chicago]
    2006Ab8 (August 4/5) [Assumed second 'day' of contest began on non BLC day of 2006Adar28 so that 1750th day is sabbath]
    2006Ab15 (August 11/12) [7th sabbath lookout period assuming 2006Tammuz2/3 and 2006Tammuz4-6 were separate sabbath mistakes]
    2006Ab22 (August 18/19) [7th sabbath lookout period assuming 2006Tammuz2-6 and 2006Tammuz28/29 were separate sabbath mistakes]
    2006Ab29 (August 25/26) [7th sabbath lookout period after first mistake, the entire sabbath month of 2006Tammuz as one sabbath lookout period]
    2006Elul13/20/27 (September 8/9, 15/16, 22/23) [A sabbath after the 1750th day of the contest starting on 2001Tishri30 and before the end of Elul]
    2006Elul30 (September 26th) [last 5 hours thereof in NYC, so that bomb went off in Elul EST but in Tishri BST]

    "No nuclear bomb hit the UN on any of the above days. However these failure in prediction presented us with a larger chronological problems which we hope we have now fixed. One larger problem was that LWs claim to be the church of the Second New Covenant."

  • heathen

    Wow they've been wrong so many times it's sounding allot like the WTBTS .I guess if you don't claim infallibility you can say anything you want .LMAO Nobody thinks they're a false prophet for some reason .

  • JK666

    Just a little update:

    We now expect a twin terrorist attack in the US in NYC around the Hudson River, and the in the UK on 2008Sivan15, in fact during daylight hours on Saturday June 21st. This is the fulfilment of the stone of Daniel2 hitting the image and of the mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 rising from the west or the sea or both. We have got this wrong so far 100x. This is the first birth pang of the Kingdom of God, so it should not be a large attack by biblical standards, since the first birth pang is the smallest. But it will be scary and significant and so may be very small nuclear bombs or very large conventional ones. The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 is the time of distress of Daniel 12, which is a time (one BLC year) long, both of which should not occur (if man knew how to behave) and will never occur again. It runs from 360 BLC days from 2008Sivan15 to 2009Sivan15 when the last non raptured human dies.

  • crazyblondeb
    hours on Saturday June 21st

    Does this mean I can call into work?

  • beksbks

    Aren't any of you going to acknowledge OBVES's comments??!!! This is serious!

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