Talk with My Mom - My Elder brother Explains Bethel Changes to Her

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  • Gayle

    He said that the non-GB Bethel movers & shakers tried getting the GB to move up to Patterson, but they didn't go for it. Too set in their ways, established in their respective congos, etc.

    The GB is used to Brooklyn Bethel being the "Most Holy" place. Of course, they get their choice, while some other non-GB Bethelites have to accept their assignment to go 'where the need is greater'. The GB rules.

  • flipper

    MEGAFLOWER- I wouldn't doubt what you say is true. Easier to hide pedophiles in the rural areas.

    ST ANN- It's not the only reason the Watchtower society is cutting costs - just to move. They also are cutting costs in order to pay out millions $$$$$ in child abuse lawsuit settlements to witness victims - so they get no brownie points from me for downsizing and moving - alledgedly.

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- I agree with you . I am very considerate of my mom and I am very careful what I say to her as an aging ( 80 years old ) witness. She is willing to talk about different witness issues without getting upset though. But I'm not out to change her - just make her think.

    SHAMUS 100- I don't know what was so hilarious to you , but I do think your Burt avatar from Sesame street is pretty funny ! LOL!

    LISAVEGAS- I hear you about talking with our witness parents about things. I'm careful with my witness parents too.

    GAYLE- I don't know if Gilead students or missionaries are ending. I think they are just not sending them to dangerous countries.

    SENORA- I'm not familiar with the DUMBO project. You will have to inquire if other posters here perhaps.

    DISMEMBERED- Personally, I think way too many witnesses have kissed elders tushes for far too long- it's one of the reasons the witness organization has problems !

    OPEN MIND- Thanks for the information and clarification from the ex- Bethelite ! Some of the GB members are so old - the move to a rural area would probably send them to an early exit to heaven to join their ever loving lord Jesus in the air ! It will be interesting to see what happens though.

    TAN- I really feel they don't think the Big A is coming anytime soon.

    GAYLE- I agree . Whatever the GB says - all the Bethelites and rank and file witnesses will fall right in line with and do ! Weird

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