Bird Owners: Avian Roll Call

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  • juni

    That's so cute Walter.

    I've had quite a few birds. A lori, parakeets, finches, canary and a cockatiel.


    I can attest first hand, how Rocco is.

    He's probably the best kept umbrella-cockatoo, I have ever encountered.

    He is beginning to talk; I heard him last night garbling something ... not sure what ... but he's pickin' up some conversation from his avian DAD.

    When it comes to birds; Finally-Free is a champion of birds.

    He has also met: Nimh.

    Nimh is the worlds' kindest cockatiel. She's a rescued bird, lacking feet; but she makes up in personality, let me tell you.

    Rocco. He's a class act. Beautiful umbrella-cockatoo. He's even used to me hanging about; but the cockatiel (Sammy) is the one I got a kick out of. He loves 'Finally-Free' - follows his every move.

    If you do not own a bird; or are afraid of them; trust me, if you came into contact with our brood: you'd be cured of any fear.

    Typing right beside my gals!!

    Nimh, Baby & Blue!

  • startingover

    I didn't notice in your first post about Nimh's foot problem. Is she able to perch at all or does she have to be on a flat surface?

    One of my birds got all his toenails and part of his toes bitten off when he was in the nestbox. He is quite an amazing bird. He has overcome his disability so good you would never know he has a problem. He takes huge jumps from branch to branch displaying tremendous amounts of balance. He also rides on my shoulder without a problem.

    I applaud you for rescuing a bird with a disability.

  • Casper

    Cute birds Rayzorblade,

    My family and I are "OWNED" , and I mean that in all sincerity, by a "Blue Fronted Amazon" named Charlie. We have had her in our family for over 3 years now. Her first words to us upon arrival was "SHUT-UP"... very authoritive.... lolol.

    She is also a rescue... and has come a long way from her previous condition. She is out of her cage from daylight to about 10 pm. A very Happy bird and very spoiled. She has claimed my husband totally. Can say his name plainly among several other words and phrases.

    We also have two 'Keets.... we call the "Tweets". The most vocal parakeets that I have ever owned. They are little clowns.

    They are truly a pleasure to have...although a "LOT" of work and upkeep.



  • startingover

    Just want to share my parakeet story. About 2 years ago a little green keet flew in my shop and was picking at stuff on the floor by my cockatoo cages. I knew he had escaped from someone and his days were numbered out in the big world, so I caught him, he was fairly tame so it wasn't too difficult. We kept him in a parakeet cage for a while, but then decided to get him a buddy for company and we put them in one of our large cockatoo cages.

    The wierd thing is that most birds I have ever lived with like to get out of the cage. Well these two can't wait to get back in the cage. We leave the door open sometimes but they never get out. We take them out every morning and take them to the bathroom to watch the activities there, but when I head back down the hall with them they fly right back to their cage, and if they don't make it in the door, they will squeeze though the cage bars. Yes, they can easily get out but they are totally happy inside. Once in a while they will squeeze out and chew on a branch that is sticking on the outside, but when they are done they go right back in.

    Strangest couple of birds I have ever seen.

  • Casper

    Wow, Startingover,

    That is odd.... My 'Keets have a large flight cage and seem totally content. Maybe it's because it's all they have ever known. Their "Safe Place".

    Also wanted to add..........that the vid of Rocco eating cake was "Adorable"..!!! That is one pampered



    She certainly is a unique bird. Having survived some unusual circumstances.

    She has a stump on her right side; deformed claw on the left.

    She cannot perch. But she can balance very well. In fact, she's right beside me now, preening herself being the little 'lady' she is.

    She's very, very friendly and has not once ever bitten me. She will scold me on occasion, but that's MY FAULT because I did not scratch her head or rub her neck enough; or give her some of my treats: toast crusts, cookies, potato chips, or Kashi cereal bits. She pretty much gets what she wants.

    The woman who originally rescued her, has to be applauded. Nimh was destined to be put-down; she heard of this little cockatiel that sitting in a shoebox. Apparently, she (Nimh) was placed in a crowded cage with other larger birds; which attacked her and bit off one of her feet and severely maiming her other. So, this young woman (Liz) rescued her, took her to a vet and they got Nimh all fixed up and ready for a much better living environment. Liz looked after her for about 3-4 years.

    Eventually, Liz had to get Nimh to someone, so ... the word was put out and I found out about this little cockatiel. I had to go outside of Toronto a little ways to get her, but I am so glad I did. She is a real charmer. So sweet and funny!

    Finally-Free has seen her, he knows what kind of a sweetheart she is.

    I've had her almost six years; she's almost 10 years old.

    I do not have her in a cage. She lives on my computer table which has been redecorated for a footless cockatiel. She has a little box hotel (as I call it) where I place her honey sticks and millet. She has her toys dangling from the hutch, which she uses to guide herself along. She's very clever, using various things on the table to balance herself. She has a great appetite and loves her water.

    Because of her footless condition, I have to bathe her. Now get this: she puts up with it and is VERY trusting, but she LOVES the hairdryer. Yes, once I turn on the hairdryer, she just turns right around and leans right into the warm air. It's so cute! She just sits there so patiently allowing me to dry her. Turn it off: you get a nice loud squeak, to continue!!

    Nimh can also balance herself on my shoulder. She nudges herself tightly into my neck and is very happy to be up there looking around. She can fly, but doesn't. She'd rather walk like her human daddy. Oh yeah, she does not like her neighbours: the budgies. She does not like other birds. She will quickly give them that warning 'open beak' and that sound only a cockatiel can make when they're not pleased. I think Nimh looks at the budgies as juvenile delinquents. Well ... yes it is true, they will come down and steal her goodies.

    As I type this, Nimh and I are sharing peanut butter cookies. Yum-Yum!!

    Now it head scritches ... (there's no waiting when it comes to her needs).

    I love birds!!

  • Finally-Free
    Thanks for posting that Walter. My birds would be doing the same thing, and then wiping their beaks off on the upholstery. I see you stopped the video before Rocco did that, I'm pretty sure he did.

    Rocco doesn't wipe his beak on the upholstery because the couch is leather, and has an old blanket on it. Too boring. He's taken to wiping his beak on my cheek, a trick he learned when he decided to share my stuffed peppers with me. He used his beak to wipe tomato sauce all over my right cheek and in my ear, which he also stuffed with ground beef and rice. Between last night and this morning he demolished another shirt. I really have to stop wearing shirts with buttons.

    Nimh is definitely the sweetest cockateil ever, and I often hear her protestations over the phone when Rayzorblade stops scritching her neck momentarily. I'm so glad she was rescued!


  • juni

    Thanks for sharing more stories on Nimh and Rocco and others too who have shared. I've enjoyed reading this thread.

  • startingover


    That is such a heartwarming story. I am so glad you have her. There are way too many stories out there of birds stuck in the back room some where in the dark because they make too much noise.


    I had to laugh about the buttons, at least you can sew them back on, not so with all the zippers I have had destroyed.

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