Bird Owners: Avian Roll Call

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    Time to let our feathered friends get some notice here.

    For those of you avian lovers/bird owners - what kind of bird do you own?

    I should re-word it, because they seem to 'own' us.

    I have 3 birds: 1 female cockatiel (a rescued footless darling) called, Nimh; 2 female budgies (1 rescued) named, Baby and Blue. 2 years ago you may remember I had a budgie named: Busy. Sad to say, she passed away in August 2006 (she was rescued too). She was a riot...funniest bird I ever encountered, personality unparalleled. I sure miss Busy.

    I will post some images here monetarily.

    Show us your feathered pals.

    I absolutely adore birds. Greatest companions I have ever had.


    Here attached are:

    Nimh the cockatiel with me.

    Baby (yellow) and Busy (green), and Blue (blue) .

  • DJK

    I don't own a bird. If I could I think I would like a cockatiel.

  • Snoozy

    When our 3 kids were small my husband found a baby pidgeon by his work. He worked in a concrete plant by the river. He brought it home to raise it as he had pidgeons when he was smaller..the fancy white ones..fantails maybe?

    Anyway..he nursed it until it got mature enough to let go. He had built a wooden square house for him to roost in and nailed it to the side of the garage. Well we put "Pidge" in it and he loved it. He would circle the house but always come back. One day we noticed "Pidge had a friend..Now we didn't know for sure the sex of "Pidge" but either way one of them was a boy and the other a girl. It wasn't long before hubby noticed some eggs..yep..they eventually hatched and we watched as they matured enough to fly away. But it was so nice looking out the window and seeing them.

    Finally one day Pidge and his mate flew off..we were so sad but proud..our babies had left the nest.

    We also had a yellow headed parrot . They are so funny at mocking noises. If the phone rang he would say "Hello". But first he would make a ringing sound like the phone..we would laugh.
    One day I was talking on the phone and it went dead..(Not cordless). I kept looking at the phone wondering what happened. Then I noticed the cord dangling..he had ate right through it!


    ps..those sure are some pretty and well taken care of birds..

  • Celia

    10 chickens, 1 rooster and a Gander....

    I love birds. I once had a tame quail. He slept on top of the dresser in our bedroom, woke us up early in the morning with his wake-up call. Watched TV with us, usually on top of my head.... Jumped on the table when we had breakfast and drank orange juice out of our glasses... He flew up to get to our bedroom, but walked down each step to get back downstairs...

  • ninja

    I bet rocco could take all your birds on with one wing behind his back.....he he

  • 5go

    I want to get some birds but they would be the out door variety.


  • Finally-Free

    I have 2 birds, a cockateil named Sammy and an umbrella cockatoo named Rocco, who is the love of my life. He's starting to talk a bit, saying things like, "I love you", "you're a pretty bird" and once when I responded to his screaming he said, "you're a good bird!"

    Here's me and Rocco on his 3rd hatchday. He loves hazelnuts, so I made a hazelnut cake, which I love and has very little sugar. Who'd have thought he'd pig out on the whipped cream instead of the cake? Amazingly, he didn't get the runs afterward.

    You'll have to excuse my tattered clothing . Rocco likes to shred everything I wear. He must be after my hot body.

    I used to have a cockateil named Barbie, but she died after flying straight into the livingroom window, which I had just cleaned the day before. There's one more thing to blame the JWs for. If it wasn't for them I never would have learned to clean windows.


  • BurnTheShips

    I have a red factor Canary. What a voice on him! His name is Cyrano. He was a Christmas present for the missus.

    I had a wonderful Quaker parrot a couple of years back. I hand raised him. He loved me. When I would go by he'd call me, "Hey Baby!".

    Some brudders came over to visit, left the door open, he hates strangers, and out the door he went. I am sure he is OK. Quaker parrots have established viable colonies here in my area. South FL is warm!

    I like parrots. Canaries seem to fragile to handle.


  • startingover

    Thanks for posting that Walter. My birds would be doing the same thing, and then wiping their beaks off on the upholstery. I see you stopped the video before Rocco did that, I'm pretty sure he did.

    I have 4 Moluccan cockatoos, 1 Umbrella and 2 parakeets, or should I say they have me.

    For you bird lovers, I like to go to this site and check out the new damage to the doors and trim the birds have done. Go to the webcam:

    This is another very interesting site, this is where my birds will go if something happens to me:

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