What was the "point of no return" for you?

by B_Deserter 28 Replies latest jw experiences

  • agapa37

    I am not really sure it was a point of no return, but I wrote the Congregation I attended a disassociation letter explaining to them the disgust I felt towards them and their actions. I didn't DA my self from the Org. Just from that rotten Congretation I attended.........

  • R.Crusoe

    I got pulled into the WT river but For those born by the WT river - When I felt it had been a long time comin but I knew a change gonna come! Oh Yes it will!

  • WTWizard

    I reached that point when, for the 2006 Reject Jesus Festival, I bought my Ouija board instead of going.

  • yknot

    Legalism above all else.

    The 'imperfect men' strategy can only be employed for so long and for so many circumstances, eventually intent has to be inferred.

    When the baptism questions were changed, it was intentional

    Keeping the Blood doctrine after Bulgaria is intentional

    Gag Orders and filed motions to delay and supress are intentional

    Joining the UN was intentional

    Clamping down on its members is intentional, of course it is only employed when they have been found in a comprising position of their own making.

    Funny I was raised originally to be a lawyer (and to be a benefit to Bethel if needed) yet that ultimately kept my eyes open and after waiting on Jehovah to correct these selfish and wicked deeds, now I 'wait on Jehovah" to send Jesus and Jesus to rebuke those who do not repent and turn around before his coming.

    I prayed and prayed that I was posessed by a demon and to be restored to the organization if it was God's way, nothing happened but a revelation about the difference between religion and faith. The scales from my eyes have been removed permanently. Now while I feel a bit lost in the wilderness I know I am not alone nor forsaken.

  • Hope4Others

    The Un thingy, the 1914 stuff and trying to explain "The darn typical & anti-typical crap!"

    Oh ya, and the little sly comments from hubby (from the c.o.c book)


  • AlyMC

    Celebrating- which included pictures of it on our family blog & photo album that family and non-family JW's had access to. I had come out to everyone, introduced my kids to a new life, and knew there was no going back.

  • Borgia

    For me it has been the UN thing. at the point of learning about an....infatuation for that long, I needed to investigate the firmness of other doctrines and within 48 hours I concluded it was all a bunch of BS. It has merely been a trigger for something that had been lingering around for some time.



  • Thegoodgirl

    For me, a few moments,

    mainly the evening I went to visit my disfellowshipped sister. That required lying to my mom that I was working. That was the first "wrong" thing I had ever done, and yet, it was the right thing to do (not shunning her.)

    Also, when I told my grandmother that I decided to move out and go to the university after all. She wasn't a witness, but it felt great to tell someone. Made it more solid in my mind.

  • And He Ran
    And He Ran

    My first Christmas, aged 30, not knowing about what Christmas was like in the outside world.

    Walking into the polling booth in 2005 to vote for the first time ever. I felt like I actually taking part in a democracy for the first time in my life.

    But mainly it was not going to the memorial in 2007, for the first time, three years after starting my fade. After that I think my family gave up on any slight glimmer of hope that I was just going through a "glitch" or a "rocky patch". It was not easy and I felt really guilty at the time, but I do feel liberated now from it all, just about...

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