2 Special Pioneers 1 Missionary sick with Chronic fatigue- Quit Ministry!

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  • jambon1

    I remember beung totally burned out trying to get to meetings & ministry, prepare talks & items etc. Add to that the emotional toll of wht they fill your head with. I really felt knackered all the time. Under pressure & unhappy. Now, I work hard & I am tired a lot but I don't have the emotional baggage of 'nothings ever good enough' to deal with. I like my life now.

  • BreakingAway

    I have no doubt whatsoever that CFS and Fibromyalgia ARE quite real.I have two friends that each respectively suffer from these afflictions.Unfortunately, the plight of genuine sufferers is often buried by the self-diagnosed hypochondriacs who feel compelled to take away attention from those in genuine need.It's funny that hardly anyone in the congregation had any such symptoms but as soon as the Awake ! article came out they declared , "I have it too ! ".

    The fact that a specific "test" has not been developed to provide an absolute diagnosis, along with the numerous symptoms that are characteristic of the disease, has given some the opportunity to find an excuse not to Pioneer, Reach out, Be at meetings, etc.It's almost like the Welfare System, those in genuine need of public assistance are lumped in with the lazy and disingenuous and as a result are sadly given little respect or much sympathy.What's often overlooked is that those with CFS would love to be physically active and do the things they enjoy, in fact, they often overdo it when they are feeling well and wind up paying for it later.Certainly those suffering from this affliction are worthy of our compassion and whatever understanding we can muster, not adding to their burden.Sadly, the Organization has laid a heavy load upon people, making them desperate for a way out, even if that means grasping at straws in an effort to be excused from "theocratic activity".

  • LayingLow

    There was a tremendously high number of Fibromialgia cases in our hall. Everyone had depression and fibromialgia it seemed. I don't think that it is not real. But I do think it is an unprovable thing that gets you out of the JW routine in one of the only 'legitimate' ways possible. The frequency at which those two things strike JW's is phenomenal. Actually, outside of JWs, I rarely hear about it (I recognize the possible lurking variables such as people suffering from these things not being as social, etc...) Yet still I believe that the norm has to be less than 1 in 3 women having one of the two or both.

  • R.Crusoe

    Little did I know that the WTBTS wanted to make gerbills out of humans and put them on the wheel of kingdom misery!

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