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  • seek2find

    Let's all thank Ray Franz and his associates for making the 2 books available in pdf download version. Thanks Ray! Sorry if this has already been discussed, i might have missed it. seek2find

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Can I read "In search of Christian freedom" here? I would buy one but I Don"t know where...and not on the net.

  • Velvetann

    Where can I find it??? I have the book Crisis of Conscience but I can't find it, I moved and packed it away before I read it. I want to read it so much.

  • ldrnomo

    Dear Ray:

    Thank you so much for giving my wife and I our live's back. We were trapped in the WT org. for 30 years not knowing a way out and not knowing we needed to get out. We weren't happy but pretended we should be. We were always searching and in our late 20's got trapped because of our naivete we allowed others to tell us "this was the right way" wow what a mistake. We raised child in this cult and now our child is still stuck in the trap. An unusual opprotunity allowed us to openly fade. We are doing it this way because of our son.

    So now we are back on our search for spiritual things. We know that the WT org is not the end of the rainbow and realize that the end of the rainbow is in a infinite location and so the search will always go on. We are not looking for some advantage like everlasting life or blessing because of what we do we are just doing things now that bring us true happiness in life.

    Starting this Monday we will go on another search. We signed up for the internet course given by Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle using his new book "A New Earth" we don't know where that will take us but we do know it will not be the end of the search only another road with sceneary to see and adventures to experience. We know we can never find all the answers, we just want to enjoy the trip. \

    So Ray, you helped us take that first step out of the land of OZ and now we are back on the highway of discovery. We are loving it, We are guilt free and feeling like we did pre-borg. Every turn is an adventure, and every view is miraculous. Giving has become a joy again and joys are all around us.

    Ray, thank you for helping us to get our live's back. Thank you for helping to re-open our minds to all the possibilites. Thank you for your courage.

    Love to you and your wife from my wife and I


  • Guest39

    If you're looking for the pdf files, check under "The Best Of" section of this forum where you can get the URLs and more info.

  • jaguarbass

    I'll Thank Ray for writing his wonderful 2 books. They validated my rebellion. And smoothed the way to my freedom.

    Thank you Ray.

  • MisfitMeL

    I purchased the PDF version of CoC about two days ago, but I was unable to open the file with the password. It gives me some sort of corruption error. I'm really disappointed I really wanted to read it this weekend coz I've got some spare time on my hands..

    I emailed the publishing company, but they have yet to get back to me Do you know anywhere else that sells the PDF copy?

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