... it's been a Beatles night! What's your favorite?

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  • dawg

    Some fine ladies next door came and hung out tonight, I have to work tomorrow, so I couldn't go with them to the Brazilian night "carnival" planed for later this evening.... bit I managed to let them hear the Beatles "Abby Road" album with a few glasses of wine before they left. They had never heard it, mostly because they're in their 20's, but not one lady left before they wanted to buy their own copy... 'Something" was their favorite... they said it was one of the most sexy songs they ever heard... Old George wrote my most favorite songs by the Beatles... "Here comes the sun" is my favorite George song... what's yours?

  • oompa

    Michelle........my belle............................................................makes me swoon...................oompa

  • Rapunzel

    1.) Hey,you've got to hide your love away.

    2.) Norwegian Wood

    3.) I am the walrus

  • dawg

    Its "Golden Slumbers" for me... I went to the show with Ed Roland from "Collective Soul", one of my friends. He wasn't a star yet, and we had a blast! But the words, Once there was a way to get back home... no way can I ever go home again... Just listen to it.

  • Gopher

    So this is a George thread? Okay.

    Something is the best love song of the 60's, hands down.

    My other Harrison fave is "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".

    Dawg, did you ever see the movie "Across the Universe" made last year? It's a must for any Beatles fan.

  • dawg

    I didn't Gopher... but I will and want to... "Carry that Weight" is also about the JWs for me....

  • flipper

    DAWG- I'm one of the most devoted ardent Beatles fans you will find. On the Abbey Road album ( My favorite album by them by the way ) my favorite songs are I Want You ( She's So Heavy ) , Oh! Darling , You Never Give Me Your Money , Come Together , I liked Ringo singing lead in Octopuses Garden too ! Thought he did good on that one.

    My son 2 years ago treated me to a Paul McCartney concert with his band in Sacramento for my birthday . It was cool rockin' out with my son there watching a legend play ! Couldn't tell the guy was 63 at the time ! Best concert I ever went to ! 3 and a half hours long ! Great ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dawg

    Yea Flipper, I knew you'd chime in on this one... My favorite is "carry that weight" I carry the weight of the WT religion now for years... I love you Flipper ole boy... I wish you, me, your son, and Gopher could hand sometime... huff

  • LennyinBluemont

    Across the Universe

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