Behold the face of indoctrination! My moms guilt tripping letter to me.

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  • BU2B

    Mr Flipper- That was a very nice response your son had for his mother, reminding her that he is the same person, and simply looks at some things in a different way than she does. Maybe one day she will see that what he is saying is the truth. You are definitely correct in that they are suffering from a form of mental illness. Have you ever seen the movie They Live? Its like having the glasses on, yet in WT land they dont even want to hide their demands to obey, its right out in the open and eagerly followed. I am happy your mom has retained her natural personality! She must be one special lady :)

  • Giordano

    My wife and I escaped early on in our lives (young 20's) we faded but I was out spoken about the WTBTS. The Society wasn't that hung up back then. In mid 1960's there were a lot of people leaving back then. And my JW friends didn't get hung up on my position. We parted ways and that was that.

    My Mom didn't shun me, never had an inclination to do so, I was a fader who no longer lived in her area. We were able to maintain a relationship for decades but on every visit the JW world was the 800 pound gorilla in the room. We never got past permeated every conversation until we couldn't wait to leave and start the long drive back home. It took hours riding in the car before we could clear our heads and our hearts. It never got better.

    When Mom passed, roundly pissed off that Armageddon hadn't come, we were cleaning up her stuff and I set down with one of those children's school books to see what she had written. At the end she was writing everything down, the weather, her meds who visited etc. Most of it was ramblings so I started looking for her thoughts about our visits.........nothing....if it meant anything to her she never said.

  • flipper
    BU2B- I never saw the movie : They Live "- I'll have to check that one out, Sounds good. I hope things get somewhat easier for you with your mom. Indeed I am very lucky to have a special lady like my mom in my life. She more than makes up for how boorish and rude my dad can be. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • BU2B
    They live is a bit dated but has so many parralells to the JW world. I think you would like it
  • respectful_observer
    I've been reflecting on the spiritual inheritance I have recieved from grandma. I appreciate her love and effort to help her 7 children to learn about Jehovah and how to serve him.
    Your father and I have been able to pass that inheritance on to you.

    I guess she was paying attention at the WT Study two weeks ago!

    LOL...putting scriptures in handwritten letters. Are you sure you and I aren't siblings? My mom does the exact same thing, and as far as she knows I'm a good J-dub!

    I've come to just laugh it off inside. I know she'll never change. This is who she is and she's happy with herself, so I'm not going to criticize her for it. If she wants to live in constant stress under the fear that all her kids will "fall out of the Truth", that's her choice. She's an adult. I just love her for who she is.

  • FayeDunaway

    Respectful observer, you obviously love your mother unconditionally!!

    If only more of our parents would say about us what you say about your mother. 'I know they will never change. This is who they are and they are happy, so I'm not going to criticize them. It's their choice, they are adults. I just love them for who they are.'


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