Behold the face of indoctrination! My moms guilt tripping letter to me.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I found to disarm my mother, was to simply advance the idea that i don't think the Org is serving Jehovah properly and that I'm serving Jehovah as I see described in the bible. I emphasized the point that Jehovah is not the Org; the two are separate,

    I've worked that idea a few times too. You know the Nation of Israel was without doubt God's Chosen People, yet Jehovah allowed wicked Kings and Priests to infiltrate and take charge. Should the faithful Israelite have sacrificed their child in the fire to Molech or gotten involved in Baal worship?

    The same happened in this past century when Apostates worked their way all the way up into the highest levels of the Organization, including onto the GB! (OMG!) Do you think this is what's happening again?

    Isn't the constant begging for money what Bro Russell said would be a "sign" that they have lost Jehovah's Blessing?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  • 3rdgen

    DOC, We used your exact dialogue with my MIL when she would harp on us. It always left her speechless when we would end with: "So then, who would you be loyal to in that case? The organization or Jehovah?

    It had a positive effect on her to the point that she stopped regularly attending meetings and FS.

  • ctrwtf

    It's a bad sign when your mother writes you and quotes scripture. Lots of people here, self included, are feeling your pain. My parents have passed without knowing I'm an unbeliever. My wife's mother is still guilt tripping her.

    Mom in law wrote to dear wifey how sad she'll be in the "new order" when her daughter is not around. It's easy to write in euphemism's. What she really meant to say is that she'll be gloating about how she was "right" and her daughter was "wrong."

    To put it even more plainly, the god of love that she worships will have killed a loving and devoted daughter, mom, wife and sister in order to prove he is righteous, and to avoid contaminating all the true believers left on earth after armageddon.

    That this belief system is beyond disgusting goes without saying. While I'm sincerely sorry for your loss, you are forever releasing your children from such sick and destructive thinking. Take some comfort in that thought.

  • Oubliette

    BU2B, sorry your mom is FOG-ging you. But at least you understand why she is doing this, ... not that it takes away the pain of losing out on unconditional love.

    Honestly, if it's conditional, it ain't love!

  • Blackfalcon98

    Thanks millie! Your post here is so usable to soo many people with mothers who treat their children in this manner!

  • millie210
    Why thank you blackfalcon, glad to hear it!
  • LisaRose

    My mother was the same way. I was never a good enough JW to suit her, it actually was a bit of relief that she shunned me towards the end of her life. I believe she loved me in her own way, but she was too brainwashed to ever really accept me as I was and that was her loss. It was sad, but her choice. Sometimes peace comes with accepting that things are what they are. I looked at it the same as if she was mentally ill and so not quite responsible for what she said, which I think is true to a certain extent.

  • flipper

    BU2B- I'm so sorry that your mom is so mind controlled that she can't see the decent loving son that you are and that she puts all these pressures and expectations onto you. I have an older JW elder dad who is 89 now and he does the same thing to me. Since he put my mom in an assisted living facility a year ago- he feels he doesn't have to be nice to me anymore as my mom isn't there to keep him in check. So an epic conversation with him and me last 3 minutes- tops. Or if he's with my mom he'll tell me " I'm handing you back to your mom now ". Just doesn't want to talk to me. His loss as you stated.

    My mom is really nice and respects the stand I made in exiting the Witnesses . So at least one of my parents accepts me unconditionally. But my older son who is turning 30 years old- his mom, my fanatic JW ex-wife totally shuns him for the last 12 years or so since he exited the cult and has even told him when he went to college that " Satan has control of your mind son. " To his credit he has always told her that he loves her and that he is the same son, just looks at things differently and has different views of the WT beliefs. He tells her he'll always be there for her if she needs him. Very mature view. He totally understands about mind control and how it works. It helps that you understand it as well- so if and when your mom ever lightens up- you'll be there for her as well. Your mom is like my dad, my ex-wife, and my two JW daughters- mind control is actually a mental illness, a condition called " dissociative disorder " where Witnesses can dissociate their true feelings from authentic, humane feelings towards us in obedience to WT indoctrination. It's not normal mentally sane functioning, as I'm sure you are well aware. Take care, we are here as a support to you my friend, we feel you, lots of us go through this with relatives. Hang in there, if you ever want to talk, just PM me, O.K. ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I'm sorry that this is happening to you it is just one more reason why the org is so dangerous.

    Throughout history the path of the "heretic" has never been an easy one but religions when given the power are ready to kill and destroy and the object of their hatred just has to be strong and courageous. You always hope that they will one day realize how their being manipulated or maybe the org will be exposed and crumble to the ground.

    Don't ever give in and return that doesn't help anyone

  • FayeDunaway
    It's pretty obvious from this thread alone who really are the 'mentally diseased.'

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