The Days if Noah - Is this the new unofficial generation?

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  • cofty

    Edit - "The Days Of Noah" damn!

    Long story short - I need to go to bed!

    I was in Edinburgh today with my wife (football, coffee, walks, food, cinema) and I always try to take 10 minutes to have a chat with the JWs on the trolley in the "big city".

    I challenged an older guy who turned out to be an pioneer about the generation. He insisted that he was the same generation as his own grandmother! I replied in the only way possible with derisive humour.

    Anyway what struck me was how he kept bringing up the generation of Noah. I got sidetracked at this point by dismissing Noah as a myth, but I am wondering if the 120 years of Noah's ministry is the current hope of JWs making 2034 the new end-point? Has anybody else got a this from conversations with relatives or on the street?

    By the way please, if you can spare 10 minutes always make the effort to discombobulate the trolley dollies. Today's victim suddenly had to rush to get his trolley returned but he will never forget our chat I'm sure. Right at the end I told him I was a DFd former elder/pioneer. He was horrified and insisted he can't talk to me. I reminded him he already had been talking to me for half an hour.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great work!

    The only problem with telling them you are DF or a former member is that they will now dismiss everything you said as bitter "apostate reasoning" and not let any of it sink in.

    It will just fuel their persecution complex further, and reinforce his view of "the truth"

    It is best to just pretend to be an interested person with genuine questions....

  • cofty
    Yeah you're right but my motive was purely recreational.
  • stuckinarut2

    No worries then cofty...

    have fun with them I say!

    i might do the same next time I'm out of town!

  • blondie

    No, it is just the same process the WTS uses a OT example to explain their NT concept f the destruction at Armaggeddon.

    They also use Sodom and Gomorrah. Why? Because in WTS description, these people were all destroyed and no hope of a resurrection.

    Why not the destruction of Israel at 70 C.E.? Because not everyone died (not even all the Jews) and according to the WTS those who did die would be resurrected.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    I was wondering the same thing, Cofty... The minute I kept hearing "Noah", the GB /WT modus operendi came to mind.... Repeat, repeat, repeat =make it the truth. They have done the same thing throughout their history, they won'the stop now. To the thinking person, Jesus applied Noah to "his day"..... & it was ONLY forty years....
  • rebel8

    He insisted that he was the same generation as his own grandmother!


    And another thing: omg.

  • OneEyedJoe
    The math certainly checks out, and they've really committed to this overlap business so I think at this point I'd be more surprised if they didn't at least strongly hint at 2034 once it gets a little closer.
  • Magnum
    I've been thinking they might be heading that way. It seems they might be testing the waters to see how well it will be accepted. I have heard one JW mention it in the last year, but I rarely even see them now.
  • Vidiot

    Historically, apocalyptic groups actually have to occasionally "date-set" to keep their membership's zeal fired up enough to sustain the group's continued existence and solidarity.

    In the WTS's case, however, a strong argument could be made that the option's shelf-life has long since expired; they've indulged so often in the past 100-odd years that they simply can't do it anymore without losing their credibility.

    The only option left is to "casually" mention the possible significance of an upcoming year - just in passing, of course - and let the rank-and-file draw their own hopeful conclusions.

    Giving the leadership plausible deniability.

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