The Days if Noah - Is this the new unofficial generation?

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  • prologos
    2-3;4 it has a nice ring to it. 2 oh, 3,4. haven't we heard that before?

    Vidiot, I like how you think. Maybe the GB will give us jobs and send us to college??


  • hoser
    I think I've said this before They should have stuck with the 1995 generation teaching that it meant the wicked other than invent this overlapping nonsense. Another option would have been to scrap 1914, cut their losses and move on.
  • prologos
    hoser,you are right. once they made the generation the anointed that is raptured during the great tribulation they walked into a trap. Jesus said the generation will not pass before ALL these things, including Armageddon have passed. now they teach the anointed overlapping generation will NOT pass through armageddon. mixed up and careless.
  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "Vidiot, I like how you think."

    I'm afraid you're in limited company.


    hoser - "They should have stuck with the 1995 generation teaching..."

    Yeah, I never could figure out why they dumped that.

    Weirdly enough, I was actually kind of relieved when that first came out. Thanks to my dad, I knew WT eschatology backwards and forwards, but the closer we got to the turn of the century, the less time it seemed there was for all the stages in Fred Franz' apocalyptic sequence of events to actually take place.

    The '95 generation change, to me, bought the WTS some much-needed time to still somehow be right.

  • Simon

    Even if the WTS didn't officially set a date I can see many individual JWs setting their own just to justify their beliefs and reinforce their own faith.

    Self delusion is a powerful motivator!

    There are lots of ways you could get to 2034 and it's both far enough and close enough away to be useful.

    Next time though Cofty, please try and take a picture of their face just after you tell them that you're an ex - I imagine that would be priceless :)

  • konceptual99

    I've not heard anyone suggest anything about the generation of Noah and 120 years but that does not mean it has not crossed peoples' minds. Bear in mind however that the last QfR regarding this subject tended to downplay the significance of the time period and suggest that Noah only knew about the Flood 40-50 years before it occurred.

    w10 12/15 pp. 30-31

    Of course, that is not to say there is not an advantage to the WTS if this thinking does gain popular traction through rumour and osmosis. As someone said above, it takes the heat off the WTS whilst giving them plausible deniability that they never actually suggested a link.

    BTW - when I say "before it occurred" I just mean in the words of the WTS, not that that it actually occurred.

  • cofty

    Thanks for your comments. I think it might be a bottom-up meme. They need something to hold on to.

    The other trolley-dollie was a lady with an American accent who was the stereotypical dispenser of platitudes.

    I find it amazing to hear them defend the overlapping-generation. Derision was met with indignation. Hilarious.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    "They need something to hold on to." This gets to the root of things!

    It looks like the SS Watchtower is cruising along with gaping holes in its hull. The seven captains and the crew are all out to lunch but it is the passengers who are trying to find a solution to stop the ship from sinking.

    From my contacts inside the KH I have gleaned that these ideas have been circulating for a while. It won’t be long before the management pick up on it and encourage the passengers to keep up the work of patching up the nasty holes in their prison ship, because they have no idea how to mend it.

    Watchtower beliefs are assumptions built upon assumptions. What JWs will not consider is that there was no flood or Noah in the first place even though Jesus believed it (so why believe anything Jesus is supposed to have said?) The parallel of “Noah’s days” was promoted to cheer up the early Christian cultists to believe that like them there were few who preached, with little response. The idea of “120 years” was not the point of the story. It cannot be a parallel to the days of the original failed hope of the early church let alone any subsequent echo of it as JWs claim they are today. It makes an assumption that 1914 has Biblical significance, it assumes that prophecy actually never does (even with the most excruciating contortion of meanings). Bible prophecy is never unambiguous, it has never been useful to anybody except the leaders of doomsday cults.

    But come on, this is a typical JW piece of insanity. The idea of 120 years from 1914 gives the sheeple hope that the JW org is not wrong. It does not help them individually apart from keeping them attached to their life-line; the paradise hope... for they must know from experience that they will all be disappointed again in 2034 as well.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Yes I think it is shifting that way, desperate times call for desperate measures and all that....

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