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  • orangefatcat

    I was fed up with the crap going on in the KH and the conflicts with my ex and how humilated he made me feel at the meetings. I was fed up with being constantly under scrutiny and was often reminded by my mom and sisters I just didn't do enough. My spirituality was a concern to my mother and she started picking on me, so heck I figured if she thinks like that then I don't want this religious idocacy anymore.

    We had a two families in our hall, one was mom and dad the second was married daughter, son in law and granddaughter, they went into business together next thing they are sitting at opposite ends of the hall and eventually mom and dad pick up stakes and go to the other afternoon meeting. It was an open overt family argument which was a huge case of stupidity and causing sectarianism in the KH.

    So that is my story and I am stickin to it. Besides I looked for any reason to leave. I found it a handsome wonderful Greek man who captured my heart, body and soul and loved me for who and what I was and thought my ex was a stupid man for letting me go with out so much as a fight to keep me.


  • jaguarbass

    I think 2 happens and then they see 1.

  • Hortensia

    I think mostly it's something personal that happens that causes some distance so that the person can begin to see the WTBTS for what it is. In my case behind mind-numbing boredom there was also tremendous depression. I gave up and drifted away - best thing I ever did, in hindsight.

  • worldtraveller

    I am saddened to say that the only way out for the majority is to no longer exist, like a crackhead. This thought is by no means making me feel good. I sometimes want to scream at the top of a mountain and yell " WTF is wrong with you people!"

    I hate the idea that the "slaves" hunt down the down and out ppl. The low self esteem folk. I figured out the other day why the Witnesses seem to hang out near Money Mart type stores. They look for the down and out having to scrape by day to day.

    Pitiful, bloody pitiful. Sorry but for some reason I'm a bit pissed off today. Might be the endless cold and snow here.

  • wings
    I think 2 happens and then they see 1.

    I agree...then if they never see 1, they live a life of deep felt guilt

  • coffee_black

    For me it was divorcing my husband that started the process. It was a major upheaval in my life...and led me to evaluate everything in my life. I was still in good standing, but missing many meetings.... and I decided to examine the religion. I had lots of questions, accumulated over many years that I had tried to avoid. I finally gave myself permission to find the answers. The answers led me out.

    I agree with HS that xjws who don't do the research tend to have a tougher time freeing themselves from the watchtower belief system. I had an epiphay while I was on my way out... I was waiting to meet with my son's school counselor one morning in the lounge outside her office along with a few other parents. I was minding my own business, when suddenly on closed circuit tv came the "pledge of allegiance".... The other parents rose and started to recite it... I froze...half way out of my seat... My mind raced....should I salute it? can I salute it? Do I want to salute it? Is it wrong? Is it ok? OMG everyone is staring at me!!! What should I do? I realized in that moment that there were landminds planted in my psyche that were laying in wait... I had to sort fact from fiction and figure out what I thought about even the most basic subjects... The watchtower was all I had ever known to that point. I had a lot of catching up to do. The research allows you to move forward without watchtower tenticles holding you back.


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