What happens if your DF'ed at the Big A

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  • sooner7nc

    The question is actually, What does the bOrg say or think as regards persons who have been DF'ed who have shown repentance, but have not been reinstated at the time of the Big A, or die in an accident, sudden illness, etc. while DF'ed. Do these persons get raised from the dead, or are they SOL because of the vagaries of time and circumstance?

  • Honesty

    That depends...

    The Light is always getting brighter.

  • ferret

    Who is the borg to say the bible says both righteous and unrighteous are ressurected!

  • NewYork44M

    Wasn't there an assembly drama many years ago that compared the stoneing of wrong-doing Isrealites to disfellowshipping today. Those killed for their bad deeds were better off than the df'ed because those stoned would be resurected whil the df'ed would die at the Big A.

  • jambon1

    What happens? A dog shits in your mouth and then tries to eat it out, thus killing you. Your bones will be used to make a wind chime as a warning to the good dubbers.

  • sooner7nc

    Is it a large dog or a small dog?

  • willyloman

    The correct response is (per the WT Society): Dead at Armageddon.

    Which would make a great book title, by the way!

  • Maddie

    That's what you call bad timing and really really really bad luck


  • babygirl75

    I know I have been told that it would have been better if I had died, that way I would have had the resurrection hope. But since being Df'd, now I would not......Nice, uh!! Makes you all warm & fuzzy....

    I've asked this before when I was in. Knew a guy that was killed while changing a tire on the side of the hwy and was struck by a passing car. He was df'd. Some told me, no he would not be resurrected since he was still df'd and did not have Jehovah's favor. But then I was also told that no one but Jehovah knows what his heart condition was, so we'll have to wait and see. So....who know's what they actually believe on it.

  • momzcrazy

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