My first JW encounter at the door in ages...

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  • Gregor

    I am spending the week at my sons house in Seattle to help him while recovering from knee surgery. I answered the doorbell and it was a young woman by herself. She read a scripture from James (can't remember) and offered me the A&W. I thought about engaging in conversation (you know what I mean) but in the end I just took the mags and thanked her. She seemed a sweet young lady and I had no desire to put her on the spot. I guess I'm just an old softy.

    If it had been a older elder type I probably would have been all over him.

  • GoddessRachel

    I haven't had JW's knock on my door yet and I wish they would! But I don't know what I would say...

    What would be a good thing to say to get them thinking without making them run away in blind terror?

    I have thought that maybe saying something like "I've read a book that was written by someone on your governing body and have all the information I need from him, thank you." What do you think?

  • lavendar

    Ask them: Why would Jesus, in 1918, choose such a "pagan" organization - the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society ("pagan" according to WTS standards TODAY) as the ONLY TRUE & PURE religion?? Back then, JWs worshipped Jesus, believed He died on the cross, celebrated birthdays & Christmas, took blood transfusions, etc. etc. etc.

    Any JW who wanted to believe in these things (that were once allowed) TODAY.....would surely be DISFELLOWSHIPPED!!

  • orangefatcat

    When you said she offered you an A&W this immediately came to my mind.

    Orangefatcat get serious will you you stupid dumb cat.... meowwwwwwwwwww

  • worldtraveller

    I would have given her a "got Jesus?" bumper sticker in exchange for the birdcage liner, if I actually had any! (stickers that is)

  • GoddessRachel
    I would have given her a "got Jesus?" bumper sticker in exchange for the birdcage liner, if I actually had any! (stickers that is)

    Worldtraveller, would you have called it that too, "Oh, THANK YOU for the birdcage liner! How sweet of you!"?

  • Gregor

    You realize, of course, that a nasty remark like "bird cage liner" would only send her away feeling like a martyr for the "Truth".

    I thought about the 1914 card trick they pulled in '95 but my guess is she was about 9 yrs old then.

  • Mincan

    If they came to my door anytime from now onward I think I would just explain to them that I was not interested because I have 20 years experience considering what they have to say. Leave it at that. I have no desire to argue or even tell them how I think.

  • Micky4321

    I've had them come to my door a few times in the last 10 years. I'm pretty sure it was because of my mother since I still live in the territory of her congregation and I know how well they keep track of that kind of stuff. The first time no one answered the door it was just a bad time and they left literature and then the second time no one was home and I just came home to there literature in the front door and the third time I had not idea who it was but my husband answered the door and he knows all about it.

    He's never been a JW and he just said no thank you just like he would to any other sales person at the door. I've been pretty annoyed by it since I know it's known where my house is in there territory. It's probably a good thing that I have never actually expected them or known that it was them at the door because I am pretty angry about some stuff and might take it out on some poor innocent person.

    It probably won't happen though since I have a rule of not answering the door if I don't know who is at the door. I suggest that for any woman home alone. If my husband is home he gets the door.

  • sass_my_frass

    You did good. I got through to a couple of young men once; I made it about my own personal experience, but all I said was 'My mother became a Jehovahs Witness and it ruined her life and split our family apart' (that happens to be true). They don't need to know that I was one myself, and if they did it would warp their opinion of my opinion. It just left them wondering what goes on that splits a family apart.

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