Anyone who joined here in the last 6 months post here

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  • seeking help
    seeking help

    been like 2 months. totaly addicted. just wanna say thanks to y'all.

  • wobble

    Hi Y'all,

    I got hooked by this site in Feb. this year and spend WAY too much time on it because it's filled with lovely people and is a great support to those like me, born in, who have to come to terms with a wasted life.

    It also gives me lots of welcome laughs,please keep the humour going!!!!!

    Welcome to all newbies

    Love to all on here


  • QuestioningEverything

    Me- lJust a few weeks. Just got my copy of 'Crisis of Conscience'. Hard to talk to my mom this past month because all she talks about is the 'friends', the 'hall' and 'elders'.

  • oompa

    Welcome all you newbies and newlings!....I personally am proud to say I have promped a JW to find this a couple a weeks ago....figure out who oompa was and is.....and contact me!!! Hooray!!!.......she will probably post here when she sees this thread....she is a flower btw........oompa

  • redredrose

    Yes, Oompa its all your fault I'm here! tee hee

    Really, I never would have posted here if I hadn't found Oompa here. Its kind of hard to mistake him for someone else though, isn't he?

    Its a good thing I found this board, its been really helpful to read other experiences and feelings. It also helps when I need to vent.

    So, thanks, Oompa!

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Almost 3 months ago I joined.....

    BTW, I would have left if it weren't for oompa's comic relief...



  • Hope4Others
    August 2007 ...10 months! But I often lurked here for years thinking what a bunch of loosers you all were....but since August your all pretty cool!

    Now that made me laugh.....look at you go now.....tee hee hee hope4others

  • Seeker4

    My god, redredrose, you shoulda' recognized oompa's face in a second. That thing is unforgettable. Not everyone would have the courage to post their portrait as their avatar.

    Welcome all, though this thread was actually started last January.


  • Bubblie

    Been lurking off & on since 2005. Just posted the other day for the first time. Being on my own I will have more time to read here & join in with the interesting topics & fun stuff. Looking forward to interactions.

  • SweetSweetApostasy

    *raises hand* I've aposturbated for years, only began apostulating with others recently.

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