I am new here, need a bit of help

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  • Velvetann

    Hi everyone, I was recommended to this place by "bigmouth" at least I think thats her handle. Grace from Canada. She is a sweetie. I live north of Toronto, Canada and I am an ex JW. I was raised in the "lie" and left at 18, DF. I decided to return when I was 28 and got reinstated. It was just to difficult to stay in as by then I was married to a non JW and had children. I just left and am not DF or DA but you couldn't pay me to go back. I left in 1985 and had always thought I was the bad one, I didn't realize so many people had also left and what was going on in the organization. My Mom was a very faithful JW and now that she has passed away I have started exploring things. I have never had support before and it has affected me emotionally for years. I now realize its not the truth, I have lived in fear of Armageddon until this year. I have some questions. How do I add a photo to my profile here and how do I change my profile name.

    Hope to meet you all

    Velvetann aka Paula

  • changeling

    Welcome Velvetann! I love you cyber name! It reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit and his struggle to me "real".

    I'm so glad "mouthy" sent you here. We'll take good care of you.


  • Uzzah

    Welcome from a neighbour to the south (Toronto).

    If nothing else this board is great for posting your thoughts where you know others who have gone through the same things will read. Some even comment! LOL

    A kindred spirit will be found here. Share what you feel is comfortable for you recognizing this is the Internet and can be read by anyone.

    Many of us in the Greater toronto Area try to get together for dinner/drinks fairly often. Keep an eye open for threads about our next event. No preaching is allowed, just good conversation, sharing of stories and normal people stuff! Oops actually Grace is allowed to preach a little, only cuz we love her so much!


  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board Paula ...You have renamed me "BIGMOUTH" LOL I guess loads of posters will tell you "YOUR RIGHT ON"
    Glad to see you took my advice to start a post. I hope to meet you one day. I promise my mouth "aint" that big.....(((((HUGS)))

  • cognac


    nice to meet you. PS. you can upload a picture if you click on "profile'. not sure how to change your profile name...

  • mouthy

    Oops actually Grace is allowed to preach a little, only cuz we love her so much!


    Oh there is my Security Guard whom I love Paula ( above) He once threw me off the Assembly when I was picketing !!!!! Your in good company Paula ,,,since you too dont want any preaching but as Uzzah has said ....I have granted privaliges for Uzzah for Paula

  • BFD

    Any friend of BIGMOUTH I mean Mouthy is a friend of mine.

    WELCOME ! ! ! ! ! !


  • Abandoned

    Welcome Velvetann.

    You can't change your profile name but you can add a picture by clicking on the word profile in the upper left. From that screen, there's a spot for you to choose an image file from your hardrive or from the web. Make sure you've seleced the little circle next to the option you want and then click on the update button.

  • mouthy


  • delilah

    Hi there Paula....you have a pm...

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