Funny things you thought growing up -

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  • R.Crusoe

    When I was pre school in my neighborhood my mum useda make me go out and hit any kid who had thumped me if I went in crying! One day a lad about 9 or 10 had been wrestling a few kids about and somehow I got hurt and went in to just cool off but got the third degree off mum who made me tell her how I'd got hurt! Then she stood there in the street and made me go up to this kid twice my size and try to have a pop at him which got him a leathering of his own dad! How I hated that - truly I felt like a robot!!

    So now I'm a very unpopular kid with a whole buncha boys and their girlfriends who, being older than me proceed to tell me - a 5 yr old - all about the facts of life and how if your weeny aint a certain size you can never have kids!!!

    Everytime I peed I thought about that on top of what mum told me about God watching me - for years!!

    Nice one!!

  • brinjen


    I used to think there were actually little people in the radio and tv.

    Me too!

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