WT Library 2007 Available as ISO

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  • MissingLink

    There is a free program call MagicDisc that will let you open the ISO file as a virtual CD drive. Do a full install from there, and then un-load MagicDisc.

    This is being shared on edonkey here: Watchtower Library 2007

    Or look for the other thread where someone will give you a link if you pm them. I think it was fokyc?

  • MissingLink

    You can mount the ISO with a free program called MagicDisc. Do a full install, then unload MagicDisc.

    Its available thru P2P here - Watchtower Library 2007

    It would be better to share elsewhere if you get it.

    --Sorry for the double-post. My original post didn't appear for a couple minutes--

  • VM44

    ISO Recorder can be used to burn an ISO image to a blank CD. It is simple to use and it is also free!


  • brinjen

    I just downloaded it through Shareaza. It's a .rar file, 311 Mb in size. Uploading it to 'MegaUpload' at the moment, will post a link here when it's finished. Be around 3hrs at the current rate.

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