Grace is going to have to start taking names

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  • JK666


    Here is the link that you asked for:



    GG - PLEASE send me to Uzzah's room - my shoulders are in knots from guilt and he's got really big hands

    and knows how to use them.

  • mouthy

    Oh I love you lot so much!!!!

    And of course my security blanket. Uzzah would have to add

    Now if you are going to ground any more ladies, make sure you send them to my room.... oops their.


    I think you probably had a few in your room already you good looking fellow

  • quietlyleaving

    just read the thread about poor cognac and hynotic.

    Sounds like we need to get some JWD baptismal questions together and devise our own language of truth - lol

  • Robdar

    Grace, are you 'bout to open a can of whup arse? Hehehehehehehehe. Let me voluteer to help: I'll hold 'em down while you beat their buttz!

  • changeling

    I'm going to take my punishment with A&W since I seconded her thoughts and caught the same vibe.

    I also apologized and "made nice" early on.

    I will say this, honest posters will stay. The rest we can live without.


  • momzcrazy

    I said this on cognac's thread and I'll say it here. My sister and I had been having doubts and problems with the borg all of last year. Neither of us knew the other was feeling the same way. Keep in mind please, her late hubby was SO in our hall. When our family blew up she was the one to stay active. She was the one who chastised me about taking my kids to concerts, letting them befriend certain stars, and my almost nil meeting attendance. Yes, she had been floundering since her husband died. But she also nursed him until he died. She was still a newlywed and had to got thru hell for 3 yrs. I NEVER expected the phone call I got in October. I had been praying for months and that day I had asked for some sign to help me decide. I got a phone call and sis sounded strange. Finally after 30 minutes of talking I said, "So, are you staying in the truth or not? I want to see if it is for the same reasons I am not." Both of us still shake our heads in disbelief.

    My point: I can happen like it did with cognac and her friend. I try to give newbies the benefit of the doubt, like I was given. If they are trolls they will show themselves to be so eventually.



    GG - can you send changeling to Uzzah's room too?

  • cognac

    Mouthy ~ your pretty funny...

    Hypnotic hasn't posted since, not sure if she will. She hasn't even come back to bother to read the rest of it. However, she will be coming with me to meet c_b and she still will be verified, whether or not she comes back here to the forum.

    I, on the otherhand, will be staying. A lot of good insight and people are here. I probably won't post as much, but will stay. I understand how what I said may have been shocking, so I will be sure not to let everyone here know when shocking things do happen. At least not until I feel a lot more comfortable, if I do ever really feel very comfortable here.


    Cognac - You are welcome here (and your friend), you will feel comfortable here regardless of the rough start, I don't doubt that for a minute. Think of it like family, we put things behind us and move on.

    You've got spunk, I like spunk, I'm a proud owner of that commodity myself. You are going to fit in just fine and be an asset to this board. We need people like you and you need us. Perfect combination.


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