Can raising a child JW contribute to later psychiatric disorders?

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  • Abandoned
    Do you ever get past the anger stage? I think I'm past it, then it comes roaring back. I honestly feel like they killed me.

    I know. Everytime I find myself in one of those deja vu moments where I'm doing the same thing I've done in the past and getting the same rotten results, I get frustrated. It seems that I don't learn some lessons. I also think I have self-esteem issues that play into this. It's why I'm really struggling to get employment beyond minimum wage when I have so many skills. From the success I've enjoyed outside of the organization before, I know that my backwards thinking is related to the mind control. I do have hope though. And I'm not going to quit fighting until I have this thing licked. I wish you the same.

  • dinah

    Yeah, Abandoned, doing the same thing over and over........

    I'm gonna check tomorrow on what kind of help our health insurance will pay for. I don't think it pays that well, maybe 50% or $100 a month. I'll just have to do the best I can and come up with shrink money. God knows I need one.

    Maybe I'm doing all this thinking because my birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I'm looking back on a wasted life.

    Don't alot of you born-in folks go through that?

  • VoidEater

    • My parents were not supposed to spare the rod and spoil the child. Hard and consistent spankings were godly. I was 16 when I got my last spanking! (coercive power)

    And don't forget Messianic complex and nescent masochism...

  • Abandoned

    Check with social services too. Where I live, if you make less than $21,000 a year, you don't pay a cent to see a therapist. It's on a sliding scale from there. So, you might qualify for at least a discount on a therapist.

  • dinah

    Don't even get me started on masochism.

  • garybuss

    Can raising a child JW contribute to later psychiatric disorders?
    No question!

    And financial disorders, and personal relationship disorders, and sleeping disorders, and substance abuse disorders to name a few.

    All children of Witness parents I know are defective. The only ones who appear effective are those who are effective being defective, that is, ones who kept working for the Watch Tower Printing Corporation.

    You take a fish out of water and those suckers flop around.

  • skeeter1

    I think so.

    If they stay in>>>>>>

    Black/White thinking...leads to.....Borderline Personality Disorder

    All the stress of "not fiting in"....leads to.....low self esteem......leads to depression.

    All the "end of the world"....leads to depression.

    Seeing God as unforgiving to those who oppose....leads to problems with authority.

    If they get disfellowshipped>>>>

    Loss of all "friends & family"....leads to depression...has lead to suicide.

    Realization that they've been spiritually raped....leads to not be able to trust.

  • dinah

    Hmmm, I always considered myself a rebel, always wanted to "buck the system". Depression, low self-esteem, mood swings, CONSTANT worry about everything.

    Yeah, GaryBuss, those who stay in seem half-way normal--on the outside.

    I wish the general population knew the harm this "American" religion inflicts on innocent children.

  • journey-on

    Mr. & Mrs. Flipper

    how fanatical the parents were in pushing this crud into the children's brain though

    I'm sure this has a lot to do with it, but I think the WTS's teachings via literature, pictures, etc. (I still remember the people falling into the cracks in the earth in the "Paradise Book") plays just as big a role.


    jwfacts: Thanks for that host of additional information.



    Humiliation - having to wear clothes that were out of style and not being allowed to participate in nearly every school activity

    LOL at this one. But so true. Style is such a big deal to adolescents especially!


    Must obey!

    many JW's end up with introverted, smug, avoidant personalities...I've seen many.

    So true. And it can be traced right back to the way they were indoctrinated raised.



    It's why I'm really struggling to get employment beyond minimum wage when I have so many skills.

    The fear that you're not "good enough" comes from the JW background. You know you are. You just have to find a way to get past that mind set. Good luck.



    And don't forget Messianic complex and nescent masochism

    How could I have left that out!? lol



    The only ones who appear effective are those who are effective being defective,

    You have such a way with words. I laughed out loud at this phrase.



    Realization that they've been spiritually raped....

    That's a good way to put it.....spiritually raped. So sad.

  • Abandoned
    You know you are.

    At this point, I don'tknow it. That's what my problem is. I put up with crap because I'm convinced it's all I deserve. They made a mistake on my pay raise and I tried to straighten it out. They didn't fix it right but I didn't say anything a second time. I don't have the ability to defend myself. It's why I need therapy. I'm getting it and I hope I can figure out why I can have done so much and had so much success in various activities over my life and still not believe in myself. It doesn't make sense. So I know there has to be something that needs fixing.

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