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  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Have the dates and locations for the 2008 schools been announced to the BOE's? I want to know when the one in my location is being held (I know where it would be, just want dates).

  • Quandry
    The Witness life is a poker game using people and lives for chips. They bet the end is near and the Society is God's channel. I bet my evenings and weekends it was true. My brother bet his education it was true. My first wife bet her cancer treatment it was true.

    I personally know people who bet their kid's medical treatment, bet their jobs, their retirement savings, their marriages, relationships with their parents and children, their happiness, health, and standard of living.

    In my opinion, that's a high stakes poker game. And Witnesses say they don't gamble

    Well said, gary. And so true.......

  • SnakesInTheTower


    Have the dates and locations for the 2008 schools been announced to the BOE's

    NO.... last elder I talked to a month or two back said no dates (as if he would tell me), other than it will all be completed in 2008 and 2009. Presiding Overseers go first. Gotta get the headhounder in first to the Borg Indoctrination session...the rest of the elderSheeples will follow with eager anticipation salivating at their newfound knowledge.

    WOW! A week at glorious Patterson NY? WOW...all expenses paid....oh, wait...you have to get there first....then I am sure they will be quick to point out the contribution box at the Front Desk of the Patterson Inn Watchtower Luxury Resort. Since there are so many empty rooms at Bethel now, I expect they will house the elders there too...with more contribution boxes near the front door, the dining room door, the bathroom door, etc...with frequent reminders on the "privilege" of donating to help offset their housing, laundry, and food costs while attending this illustrious school.. Even if they get there during the nice time of year (first 3 weeks of Oct are usually perfect), they will be inside most of that time either getting lectured or studying for the next day lecture....

    pardon while I go throw up dinner...... thank goodness I don't have to take a week off work to go to this nonsense anymore... I gave them my 8 weeks for one of their damn schools.....that was too much... 9 weeks total time off secular work.....no paid vacation for 7 of those...all unpaid time off.

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  • minimus

    Mary, my sources tell me not every record shall be destroyed.

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