what is worse through the eyes of a dub

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  • freedomfighter

    Wt wizard nailed it! The worldly person has more power. And the one who has been a witness has even more.

    These people are are real threat to them. People like us!

    over and out


  • Must obey!
    Must obey!

    I agree with Bluesbrother. You are confusing people with policies and demonizing the typical JW somewhat. The worldling is generally just regarded as being ignorant and bad association, to be avoided, or a bit goatish. But 99% of dubbies would be abjectly repulsed by a pedophile, and I don't that is mitigated in the mind of most JW's if the pedophile still professes to believe in 'the truth'. In fact, the typical JW IS likely to be even more repulsed if a disfellowshipped JW still outspokenly claims to be a believing JW, perhaps seeking judicial mercy on that basis, because it is so disgustingly hypocritical. The sad irony of course is that many pedos and pervos are secretly existing in the organisation and getting away with it all because of the Watchtower leadership's flawed policies which tie the hands of the elders in these matters. And many elders have of course failed to take the necessary harsh judicial action against a pedo (and an accusation alone should be enough to initiate serious action) because the pedo has pleased for mercy because he still claims to be a fully believing JW who may also have an otherwise good track record in the organisation.

  • freydi

    Dubs see three kinds of people. Sheep, goats and jack-asses. Make that four. Add apostates.

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