Why do bible thumpers have to immagine a God who test.

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  • jaguarbass

    I get this daily email from a bible thumping friend of mine this was part of todays topic.

    Sometimes we wonder, "Why do we have to go through these trials & breakings, Lord?" Well, there are some things the Lord can't reveal to you in advance because you're not yet ready. He's got to let you go through some testings without your even knowing what the future holds, to see if you can take it, to see how loyal you are, to see how strong you are, to see how faithful you are, to see if you will be willing to do whatever He asks! If He told you the end from the beginning, that would be too easy, like giving you the answer to a guessing game or doing a puzzle for you. That wouldn't really be a test.

    This is my comment to the above, cant turn it black.

    Once again I ask why do we have to immagine a bible testing God?

    Is it the only way to make sense of the kaos we see around us?

    And if God is all knowing and all powerful why does he have to see what were going to do? He already knows.

  • 5go

    They can't understand why god allows bad things happen to good people so much.

  • searcher

    It's the only way they can reconcile all the bad things 'allowed' by their 'god of love', if they didn't do this, their belief would shatter.

  • eclipse


    Logic dictates that god is either not in the picture or simply does not care.

    It's a house of cards, held together by faith alone.

  • SickofLies
    Once again I ask why do we have to immagine a bible testing God?

    We don't.

  • Gopher

    And how do believers know for sure what God asks? It seems usually it's what humans are saying that God asks.

    Some religions will say general faith or goodness is enough, others impose a huge maze of restrictions. So which kind of religion really has the inside track on the mind of God?

    Just wondering.

  • 5go
    Once again I ask why do we have to immagine a bible testing God?
    We don't.

    OK Why does bad things happen to good people then ? BTW don't give us Satan,sinner, or evil does it because then you open yourself up to the Question "Why doesn't the righteous almighty God stop such injustices from happening to his righteous servants?".

  • Abandoned

    I think some believe the tests are necessary because they envy those who don't have to live by their strict tenets. They simply can't accept that they are doing all this "extrta work" for the same reward that everyone else receives.

  • worldtraveller

    Excellent question 5go. My Jw bud repeatedly comments that Satan is everywhere. I just can't buy that garbage.

  • erynw

    What a crock of crap. Yeah, I always test those I love to make sure they still love me. How else would I know for sure?

    It makes for such a wonderful relationship, keeps them on their toes.

    Spontaneous ass kissing after they have proven themselves worthy of my love has always been the most sincere form of respect that I could ask from my mate.

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