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  • LtCmd.Lore

    Dunno if you guys know about it yet.

    The elders just read the letter in our hall today. They will be releasing audio versions of the magazines online for download.

    I think the service is supposed to begin January 1st.


    I have no idea what they hope to accomplish by requiring a password.

    Lore - W.W.S.D?

  • candidlynuts

    my guess for login is the congregation number, because of the limited amount of allowable type.

    password? hmmmm ...........donatemore perhaps? lol

  • LtCmd.Lore

    I was vague.

    Lemme explain better.

    Today when I went to the meeting they read a letter from the society explaining that they will soon be releasing mp3's of the latest magazines. Like they currently do on CD, except for download instead.

    They then proceeded to explain how it's all copyrighted and stuff, and that this service will start to be used on Jan 1st of 2008. And spent about 15 minutes telling everyone that they are allowed to download them and share them with their relatives but not provide them for download anywhere else.

    That's pretty much it. It's just a site to download the latest WT + A in audio format.

    They spend hours knocking on doors to give the Watchtowers away for free with no conditions, but if it's on the internet it requires a password? Stupid.

  • mavie

    Wow. Easy access.

  • katiekitten

    But surely MP3's are the devils devices??

    I can see that downloading the magazines will be the new way to earn brownie points, in the same way that listening to those wretched kingdom tunes when you did the housework was in my day.

  • R.Crusoe

    If mp3 was available to everyone online, it may start to influence some about not placing literature etc and publishing materials may take a hit! I also understand there are some JW dating sites etc that require a similar password. I heard of a JW sister who years ago was being followed around on sites she used by non JWs who'd obtained passwords from other sources. My non JW family have a borg of their own! I'm an ex - ex by default!

  • R6Laser
    But surely MP3's are the devils devices??

    Not in today's congregations, everyone has an MP3 player available. Even the last assembly I attended I saw many acutally with their phones in their ears listening to their Ipods while the assembly was in session. Most don't really care what is said, most just show up due to routine.

  • WTWizard

    Asking for more donations? What nerve they have, after that NBC news report about the pedophiles. I would be EMBARRASSED to donate even a penny to that organization or to be seen out in field circus after that.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    So when and where does one get the password and account id from?

  • observador
    So when and where does one get the password and account id from?

    That's a good question. The WT will soon learn that there are quite a few non-believers and non-loyal ones in their ranks.

  • Priest73

    how are they supposed to get them since they're not encouraged to be on the interwebs?

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    This has been up for quite a while.

    I'm guessing that its something they aren't going to use.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Doing some web searching on the jw.org address shows that many poeple have email accounts under that domain. I suppose that at the moment this is nothing more than an email program for JWs at headquarters.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    here is one other page for this:

    jw.org help page

  • SnakesInTheTower

    this login screen is the same that the elders use to send field circus reports, memorial attendance reports, and literature orders.

    my guess is you have to get the password from the elders. the first line is the congo number, with some leading numbers. (damn, i forgot my password, i bet they didnt reset it)

    Snakes ()

  • Gary1914

    I may be wrong, but when I read the letter I got the impression that the audio download will be available on the main Watchtower site starting in January, 2008.

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