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  • LovesDubs

    So...the Society is claiming they "forgot" to read the fine print when a Governing Body member, who supposedly represents GOD himself, put his Brother John Hancock on that UN document? They "didnt know" about all those things they were supposed to PROMISE to do when they signed? These ONES who tout "ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE" to the sheep until it leaked out of our ears are claiming IGNORANCE?? Are they next going to say that the Disgusting Thing TRICKED them into getting that library card? LURED them with talk of peace and security into signing and then sprang Rules and Regs on them against their will? LOLOLOL! This just gets better and better.

    PS Berean..I did know it was sarcastic...but just because WE do doesnt mean those who meander in her do :)

    Loves (Heavyweight Champeeeen of the Woild)

  • bluesapphire

    MA: I was not suggesting that you were not correct or precise. I was merely saying that if we use the word "partner" it sounds more incriminating to the WTS. I prefer to use the word "partner" for this sole reason. Get it?

  • hawkaw


    Whether you want to or not ....

    You may wish to read up on the first big UN thread and look up some of MA's findings of the UN DPI's web site that lists articles which show the UN's DPI using the words "partner" and "partnerships".

    Take them and show the dubs you talk to when describing the "partner" relationship between NGOs "associated" with DPI.


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