OK...Let's Be Honest About Love

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  • bboyneko

    I wish all the jw.com girls would stop sending me dirty naked pictures of themselves with little hand-written signs that say such things as'Only for you bboyneko' and 'I am hot as a freshly toasted pop-tart for your luvin' over email cus it keeps clogging it up and I can't read all my elite email club messages (that I haven't been disfellowshiped from)


  • Andee

    Ok, Ok, Ok, Bboyneko,

    I'll stop clogging your mailbox.


  • logical

    Im in love with someone from here, she is a sweet loving caring kind woman, but I know she doesnt like me

  • mommy

    Who couldn't like you? Smooch

    You go girl I miss seeing you around here...perhaps you are spending WAY to much time with Thinker!

    There are many here I love, not sexually, that is a whole other bag of worms. But to have love for a person is actually a good thing. And as I said I love many here, how could I not, we have a great bunch of people

    Blind faith can justify anything.~Richard Dawkins

  • logical

    Everyone hates me and you know it

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Yes Teejay,
    I am well aware that we are exceptional. And actually it was only for about two weeks that we wrote before we met. I wouldn't recommend it to just anyone and as with any relationship requires total honesty on both parts.
    I had actually answered quite a few personals before I stumbled onto Thinker. I think his header read something like "One good man looking for one good woman". I remember thinking, yeah right someone to do his laundry, cook for him, and generally be a slave. Isn't that what they are all looking for? LOL. But he directed me to a site where he had filled out a detailed comprehensive profile on himself. In order to look at the profile, I had to fill out one too. It took me two hours and toward the end, I was fudging a little. But when I finally looked at his profile I was amazed at our compatibility. When I wrote him and told him I had filled one out. He shot back a letter asking if I had read his before filling mine out, thinking that perhaps I had plagarized a little. No such chance. It was all completely honest and above board. We have had absolutely no suprises (except for some good one's that I'll let you guys guess about) in the year and half we have been together.
    We view our meeting online as an old fashioned way of getting to know each other. And also we feel very strongly that there was some kind of force bringing us together. One of the really weird things is that we were only living fifteen miles from each other.

  • MegaDude


    One day I hope you realize a simple truth that no one here hates you.

    *You* are the only one here who hates you.

    "The God that comes before skepticism may bear little resemblence to the God that comes after."

    M. Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled)

  • MegaDude

    T. Wife,

    Cool story. Thanks for sharing it. I'm kinda curious about that profile questionaire you filled out. Does the site where you met still exists?

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Yes as far as I know it does. Though not very active. It is called Beloved.net. Of course I haven't been on there for over a year. But i did receive notification that Pan the web site director is working by himself and asking for any members not active anymore to remove their profile.
    I felt like Thinker and I were brought together for a reason. And unknown forces were working together to bring us together. Might sound crazy, but there were just too many strange things happening to be coincidental.
    But going to Beloved to just answer the questions helps you to know yourself better. Well worth it in that department.
    I mentioned before that I went out with quite a few men that I had met off of Yahoo personals before Thinker. I found it over-all a very good experience. Being raised a witness, I never had the opportunity to date. So I started at 39 years old. It helped me learn a lot about myself and what I was looking for. And surprisingly I didn't make the same mistakes I made the first time around.
    Good Luck!!!!

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    logi is in love?!?!?!

    ~smiling in a ruined age~

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