What's wrong with my cat?

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  • Englishman

    Here's me having a wrestling contest with my cat George:


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • ladonna

    Your cat is one happy puss

    Englishman.....I love your puss.he is BIG


    "He to whom emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

  • Englishman


    George is now even bigger. Here's the latest pic:


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • _alf_

    Oh wow! What a feast you have laid out for your orange pal.

  • Esmeralda

    Ranchette is right, that is one secure little feline.

    I had a 19 pound calico who liked to sleep like that. I think she had a bad back though from carrying all that weight (vet said she had a thyroid issue) anyway, she also liked to steal sips of coca cola if we left a can on the counter! Couldn't turn your back on her for a second.

    Had another cat who drank coffee. I am not kidding you. He would practically try to climb inside my mouth if he smelled it on my breath unless I took a tablespoon and gave it to him in a saucer. He lapped it up, cream, sugar and all. Course, he'd only drink Folgers (we tested this, I have no idea why. He should have done commercials for them.)

    Had one more kitty too. When I had to give her away, she went to live with an elderly woman who has all kinds of health problems. Last I heard, the cat had actually climbed on top of her and pawed at her face until she opened her eyes when her portable oxygen tank stopped making its usual 'puff' sound every few seconds because something was wrong with it.

    The cat was actually keeping track of whether or not she was breathing. Scary how smart they are.

    I miss my kitties :( I had to give them up when I couldn't feed them, and us. They all got wonderful homes, but you know I still cry about it. We keep talking about getting a cat now but not so sure how my lungs would handle the dander. My doctor would kill me LOL.

    thanks for sharing pics of your babies with me, guys. Just love them
    little fuzzies!

  • Princess

    The people at greatcrowd talk about their cats too, worries me. However, I had a cat that used to like to stand on the edge of the tub between the shower curtain and shower liner so he could bat at the water running down the other side of the liner. The problem with this was he usually cut a gash in the liner and inevitably fell in the tub which caused great panic and we would have a mad wet cat for awhile. Alas, he died last year, diabetes. He was insulin dependant for a couple of years. It wasn't easy giving a 17lb cat a shot every morning.


  • bboyneko

    Princess, have you seen the cartoon 'HOME MOVIES' on Cartoon Network? It's hilarious...anyway last night they had an episode where the kitty died because it had rabies..they had to put it to sleep.

    The vet's like 'well, for the kids we just call it 'making cotton candy' Then the priest at the funeral was like 'We mourn the loss of miss kityy, many loved her dearly. But think of all the money you will save in cat food! But when a loved cat dies, then it is a time to think of other things..like getting a new kitty kityy.'

    It was hilarious at the time. Im really sorry about your cat and I'm sure you made him or her very happy while living with you.

    Our cats are apostate cats so ours are better.

  • Princess

    Thanks bboy, actually he developed a great hatred for me when I had the kids. He only loved the Prince after that. And let me tell you, we are saving money now that he is gone! Expensive food, litter, insulin, needles, needle disposal, vet visits. The list goes on...

    I forgot to mention private cat sitter while we were out of town. Someone had to come by daily to "shoot the kitty" as we liked to call it. Ironically, he died while we were in Massachusettes last year. The cat sitter found him. Hmmmm.....


  • Angharad

    We had a cat that loved cheese and onion crisps, it went completely mad for them!

    When I still lived with my parents we had a cat that slept like that Bboy. I do think it is because they are contented, she certainly ruled the house

  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang-

    I had a 20lbs. Maine Coon named Sugar. He eventually died of complications due to diabetes. (I named him Sugar before he got diabetes not afterwards.)

    In any case, I used to give him insulin shots every morning. He was my buddy. When he was a kitten, he hated it when my wife would get in bed with me while I was petting him. If she tried to get in bed with me he would try to attack her. I thought it was funny but my wife did not care for it too much.

    Sugar was smart. I miss him a lot.

    Jeff S.

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