Favourite Live Performer:

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  • Englishman

    I've seen loads of live acts, back when I was a "Young Person Asking" I watched The Crystals, Heinz, Johnny Kid and the Pirates, Brenda Lee, Joe Brown and others all on one show. So very innocent!

    Come my eventual departure from Dubdom, I resolved to see all these BAD people playing their music live. I've enjoyed watching Dylan, Joan Armatrading, Emerson Lake & Palmer and I've drooled over Elkie Brooks.

    The best performer I ever saw live was undoubtedly Eric Clapton. No one can hold a candle to his guitar work IMHO. Cocaine and Lay Down Sally are, I reckon, absolutely brilliant.

    I'm starting to get a liking for opera as I get older, Kiri Te Kanawa and Lesley Garret do more for me than Fatima Whitbread ever could.

    Anyone else like my choices?


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • Naeblis

    Though I'm well aware I am exposing my ignorance the only name I recognize on that list is Clapton, who I like :) The best band I've ever seen live is The Tragically Hip. It's a Canadian band and the energy they have is amazing. THe Tea Party is also excellent live.

    edit- Woops! Didn't see Dylan in your list, of course I know him :P (though two security guards at one of his recent shows didnt and held him outside. Needless to say they are looking for work) :)

  • Englishman

    You never heard of Bob Dylan?


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • DIM

    Sigur Ros
    The Flaming Lips
    Depeche Mode
    Neil Young
    Live (before 1997)
    The Red King
    Jeffrey Gaines

    I think those are my favorites, but my wife and I go to a show a couple times a month....could be forgetting some

  • openminded

    Wesley Willis is pretty funny Live he played at a local bar in my town.

  • notreallycloser

    Melissa Etheridge
    Depeche Mode
    Black Crowes (when they aren't walking off stage)
    Jerry Jeff Walker
    Indigo Girls
    Fleetwood Mac (years ago)
    Dixie Chicks
    Erasure (80's)
    Junior Brown (great guitar)

    I know I'm forgetting some....


    "of the excluded class"

  • Cygnus

    Tea Party and T-Hip (as we call them in Buffalo, where they have a huge following) are definitely cool. In fact, many Canadian acts are very popular here. Ron Hawkins, SuperGarage, Moxy Fruvous...

    However, nobody puts on a show and exudes such mind-altering charisma as Ozzy Osbourne. He is the king.

    Metallica used to be great live until about 1993.

    RUSH always put on a great show, but the charisma part was generally lacking.

    The band/performer I have seen most in my life is Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson as front man). I always enjoyed English humor and their shows compliment the audience with very much of it. Not to mention that, IMNSHO, they (in their many incarnations) are the greatest musicians to ever endure the trials and tribulations of the "rock" genre, even if some members are as old as Englishman himself.

  • AMarie

    Sarah MacLachlan (I know, she's overplayed but incredible live)
    Counting Crows
    Neil Young
    Sting (I'm drooling)
    Jewel (hated her until I saw her live)
    Wall Flowers
    Shania Twain

    To name a few.

  • Simon

    That's a pretty good list E.Man - we have a similar taste in music.

    I'd add Don McLean - I love his music and he is great live.

  • openminded

    I saw Willie Nelson the other day- I tell you what, that kid can pick a guitar. Very talented and very entertaining. Highly recommended

    Another talented guy is Lyle Lovett-Im not kidding he is a pure entertainer-worth checking out

    Saw the Stray Cats a few years back-talk about a great time- live rockabilly is really where its at.

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