Calling all poets

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  • blueviceroy

    they put rocks inside my head until the pebbles all fall out, nonsense hid as sage debate , hurry up I'm runnig late this study's taking way too long ,you freaking liars you made me sick God doesnt care not one bit , about your tie your smile nor all your shit , The truth you hide the ruse you spin untill the true believer sins . Go repent sin no more free your self dont be a whore ,a whitchtower drone, lackey ,slave free yourself from that grave LIARS

    fools victims

  • mouthy

    Ex Witness Lament
    I look upon my life today
    And wish that I had known
    There was an easier way
    For my children I could have shown
    Instead of hours of rushing out
    To meetings "Doors" & Halls"
    To distant towns & cities too!
    Waiting for advice from the Watchtower crew
    There was just one,s who voice to hear
    Who said"Be still my friend"
    My yoke is light, your in my sight
    no need to rush around each night
    In freezing rain,in sleet & heat.
    Expressing you have comly feet.
    Many of you work in pain
    A need THEY SAY your life to gain."
    He paid the price for you & I
    Why listen to that other LIE ?
    So lift that yoke,put on the cloak,
    Salvations HIS to give.
    Lets watch our way,keep in this day
    His light will shine our path alway

  • dedpoet

    Thanks again for all your contributions.

    Just write whatever you like - as long as it's reasonably clean
    and anti-watchtower, I'll include it


  • nvrgnbk

    I'd like to submit this for Deus Mauzzim...

    Is he proud
    who questions and learns
    and does not cower
    when sunlight burns
    his ignorant shroud?

    The flower that turns
    towards the sun -
    why is it this flower
    that others shun?

    - Deus Mauzzim

  • fifi40


    Stolen childhood replaced with deception, false teaching and fear.

    Stolen birthdays, christmases and other celebrated times of year;

    Stolen fun.

    Stolen education and encouragement for talented young minds.

    Stolen careers that could, and should have been.

    Stolen dream.

    Stolen family who can no longer call they say

    Stolen friends who turn and look the other way.

    Stolen loyalty.

    Stolen hours of precious time and thought.

    Stolen money on books and magazines bought.

    Stolen resources.

    A stolen life

    Until you stop

    And start to glue the fragile pieces of what remains

    Into some sort of alien existence


    In time becomes a far better place than you have ever been

    Which is easy, when stealing is all you have ever seen.

  • Gopher

    Trevor, here's one I wrote and posted yesterday. It was in response to an e-mail somebody received that included a syrupy JW poem about waking up in the new system.

    This poem is about being awake right now !!


    When I woke up this morning
    I didn't need to worry
    There would be no need for warning
    No meeting to which to hurry

    I noticed when I talk to people
    I no longer need to judge
    I no longer look for little faults
    And there's no need to hold a grudge

    The people I saw on the street
    Didn't need us amateur preachers
    It's best to live and let live
    And to trust your fellow creatures

    I saw good in folks around me
    No longer fearing the end is near
    Most people are actually quite decent
    When you learn to turn off the fear

    Sometimes I even meet old Witnesses
    Who have escaped the "truth"
    Some got out when they were adults
    Some got free in their youth

    Be glad that you're out of mental prison
    Far from the Watchtower
    And hope that more will join us
    And take back their own life's power



  • dedpoet

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, and please keep them coming.

    I'll start planning the ebook when I have a few more, and keep you all updated
    on progress.

  • AuldSoul

    Faith of Four Fathers

    declaring bold what may befall
    a child who dares, or not,
    he proclaims the fate of each

    act for good or ill, with will and
    fervor strengthened in the forge
    of half-remembered beatings
    decades old and trembling still

    beneath a grim visage this, his pain,
    awaits a faith, in fear

    shining, glorious worker
    earning food for six
    mouths eager to eat what he provides

    showing off the glint of steel
    that afforded protection for
    enameled grinders flashing straighter
    truer every day, welcoming

    within a heart proud this, his beautiful pleasure,
    awaits a faith, in fear

    telling far and wide how it ought
    to be done in modesty, properly
    conceived and brought into life

    these thoughts and dreams of men
    fashioned powerful in His image
    are willed so, and it is done
    speaking forth while deafness catches all

    above a clarion voice this, his halo glow,
    awaits a faith, in fear

    bringing forth in pairs
    fruit of loins and loved
    a love like that of Abram

    who gladly took a knife to
    slay a son in his God’s name
    yet none are this measure of friend
    we are slaves, we are sinners

    a hollow, distant hum as this, his son departed,
    rejects a faith, and fear

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Guilty I was born of pain A child of evil Or a child of God? Born to be beaten For goodness sake Born to be hurt In the name of love I was born guilty You saved me from pain A child of pleasure You were like a god My heart was beaten and you soothed it In the name of love I can't return I feel so guilty You were born in pain child of my love, child of my heart Born to be cherished For goodness sake I never meant to hurt you In the name of love. I am so guilty Leave me alone father Free me from the guilt of your harsh judge. Leave me lover, Free me from the guilt I see in your eyes Leave me, my son So, I can be free of the guilt that I am.

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