Calling all poets

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  • dedpoet


    I've decided to put together an ebook of poems about the watchtower
    and upload it to I'm not looking to make any money out of
    this, I'll make it available for free download, but it will hopefully be a
    fun project.

    I'm looking for about 50 poems, the length doesn't matter, and the
    only rules regarding being considered for the book is that they
    refer to the watchtower experience, activities or doctrines in
    some way and don't contain a single word of praise for the org.
    Sarcasm is acceptable, and is indeed welcome.

    I have a few poems of my own, and a couple that a friend has sent
    me. If any of you wish to contribute, please pm me on here or email
    me at [email protected].

    I look forward to hearing from you


  • Dansk

    Watchtower org. cult in disguise
    I fell victim to all their lies
    19 years of wasted life
    All I received was countless strife

    Internet search revealed the lies
    Opened wide my once shuttered eyes
    Now I’m free to really live
    And feel I’ve plenty still to give

    The joy of being fully set free
    With others to accompany me
    Now amongst true friends who know
    Watchtower is just a “Christian” show

    Taking scriptures to bend their way
    Frightening people about judgement day
    So don’t be fooled by their disguise
    Their doctrine is just a pack of lies


  • AuldSoul

    Just Defy

    Will the good sirs lend an ear?
    Will they pause to hear the earnest plea
    of one who, willing, labored out a will

    Will they dignify the honest strum
    that underplays the beating drum of laws
    exacted, without cause, unfeeling,

    Will these Judges heed the cry
    of those who die upon false altar
    for their faltering toward a life more

    Will "righteous" shepherds lift and justify?
    These ill-born slaves, these knaves, they just defy.

  • parakeet

    There once was a Witness in Brooklyn,
    Who washed windows at Bethel and drank gin.
    He got tired of the lies, though well hid in disguise,
    So he DAed and now lives in "sin."

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Oh I once knew a Sis from Nantucket.

    (Oops, I see this isn't in the "Adult" section. My bad.)

    Open Mind

  • dedpoet

    Thanks guys.

    I hope to start putting things together in the next few weeks, once
    I have enough material. I'll post once the book is done and uploaded.

    Keep them coming

  • AuldSoul

    There once was a Sis from Nantucket
    when called to the elders said, "F*** it!
    They now want to know
    'How far did it go?'
    Religion's insane. I should chuck it!"

  • snowbird

    I DID NOT TELL. Now go here and tell me if you like my Limerick.


    Oops! Wrong thread.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Not "tell," "tolled." You know, as in ring a bell. ;-)

  • MadTiger

    Y NV?

    Strange actions, evil forays
    not on His List
    of agreed-upon Ways.
    Righteous displays
    are quickly dismissed,
    with a gnarled fist
    by the tired old men with eyes ablaze.


    of dire
    construed to be

    The Masters of Us,
    or pretenders there of,
    did hassle and harass us
    out of so-called love.

    Escaped the Dark Tower,
    Our Prison-Sanctuary.
    Regained Our lost Power
    through honest Self-Inquiry.

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