Can anyone confirm this?????

by Tatiana 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Seeker4


    Come on! It takes about 30 seconds of reading to figure out this is a satire! Even the names - Dawkins, Faust.

    This is funny, but anyone who thinks it's real needs a good swift kick in the ass. Even the premise - JWs, LDS and Scientologists combining efforts in backing Romney - is absurd beyond belief! And that's the point. Anyone who had any knowledge of any of these religions would know this is satire!


  • ferret

    No Way! JW's do not use the term Reverend and James E. Faust of the Mormon church died a few months ago.

  • changeling

    Good catch with those names S4!

    This is total BS.


  • Tatiana

    Guys...I am sooooo sorry I left this post for so long. Of COURSE it was satire. I meant to pop right back in and put a huge smiley face in the next post, but my computer went down.

    Please forgive my lame attempt at being funny. If anyone had clicked on the link, and read the comments, they would have seen the joke.

  • SusanHere

    Very clever fake. Too many errors to be legit -- such as quoting a deceased person, James E. Faust,

    Mormons, unlike JWs, never refer to anyone by their first name if Brother or Sister is used, such as "Brother Mitt". Wouldn't happen. It would be "Brother Romney" or simply "Mitt". Even if addressing or referring to a child, it follows that pattern. "Sister Nancy" would never be said. "Sister Nelson" would be.

    Also, the LDS Church has always refused to back political candidates, no matter who they are. They simply advise everyone to study the issues and the candidates and then vote as they see best. They aren't likely to change that this time, no matter who the candidates are.

    Lots of little errors like that add up, but the article was fun to read, even if not researched well enough to fool anyone for long.


  • franzy


    your assignment, should you choose to accept it,

    is to fly to nyc tomorrow for an interview with

    the holy right reverend dawkins at 124 columbia hts.

    godspeed to you

    report back here to us, pronto!

  • JeffT

    I figured it was a reprint from The Onion, but bigger fish have been taken in. A few years ago a Chinese newspaper dutifully reported that Congress was going to leave Washington DC if they didn't get a better stadium building.

    I think we should all send copies to every one we can think of asking if its true. It would probably give Brooklyn quite a headache fielding the calls. Better yet, they'd put out a statement denying it.

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