Cold Weather Dress Code for Witnesses

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  • bisous

    "allowed" to wear pants? well, I was never df'd for wearing pants and I would have dared them to try! what a crock. As long as my attire was not provocative I knew I had the right to wear what I damn well pleased ... and I did.

    Of course, as soon as humanly possible I said harumph to the whole ridiculous exercise and got the hell out of there!

  • shopaholic

    I lived in the midwest for many years and know about pioneering in brutally cold weather. It was common to wear pants, even jeans, under your skirt in service during winter. All you had to do was wear tall boots, preferably riding boots, with a long skirt and no one even knew you had pants on underneath. I never thought to ask if it was okay because it just made sense because it was so cold outside. It also made it easier to hangout after off your skirt...pull your pant leg over your boots and you were good to the the movies...etc. That was a very common practice when I lived in the midwest.

  • Finally-Free

    I used to love field service™ in the winter. Householders™ rarely answered their doors, and never wanted to have a conversation. Coffee breaks were much longer. It was easy to stuff magazines into snow banks, and then proudly go home and boast about all my placements™.


  • Mulan

    When I was pioneering in the winter, I wore wool pants, boots over the pants, a longish skirt and a long coat. So did all the other women I pioneered with.

    To do otherwise would be ridiculous.

  • Bobbi

    I pioneered in Alberta Canada for two winters. I got caught wearing pants under my skirts after helping push cars out of the snow banks and fell over. I was told that my attire was inappropriate. I should have said that asking a 120 lb woman to go in service and dig the car out of the snowbank in -25 degree weather was inappropriate. I never did find a pair of mittens that kept my hands warm.

    I remember that often the driver of the car would take the keys with him and then get in on an RV and leave us standing by the locked car for an hour. This was really hard on the older ones who couldn't walk far enough to reach the coffee shop.

    Anyone else ever have a brother say he should drive your vehicle because it was not right for a woman to drive brothers around? Happened to me once. My mom just about took his head off about it,cause our insurance didn't cover him.


  • zack

    Ahhhh. Love. Logic. Reason. Never to be found in dubdom.

  • kifoy

    Here on the Norwegian coast, the weather can be really rough, even in summer (usually not as cold as in winter, but it's not very comfortable wearing skirts and fine shoes in cold rain and wind either).

    I remember one summer, we were together on a vacant district (don't know if this is the correct term in English) to an area at the northern coast of Norway. One of the brothers had a fishing boat, and we were about 6 brothers and sisters jumping on board to visit some of the smaller islands. The plan was to go there by boat, leave a group on one end, go to the other end of the island and work towards the first group. (It was a really great trip, if you forget about the field service part.)

    We were all well dressed, most of the sisters wore skirts (I can't remember if I did - I hated, and still hate, skirts). And we all had pretty fine shoes.

    You should have seen how the locals looked at us crazy people. Not at all dressed based on the weather. One sister and I even got a lift on the back of a truck because the (not interested) man felt pity for us.

    That day we learned that, in weather and temperatures like this (as it often is, as least in the west and nothern parts of Norway), wearing "fine clothes" is not likely to give a "positive impression". Rather the opposite. The most important thing was that your clothes were clean and not worn out.



    I despise pantyhose.

    I go from open-toed shoes (bare legs) to dress boots (with socks).

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I cannot begin to say how much I HATE DRESSES And, I refuse to wear them now that I'm out. When I get a job in a professional field, I will wear nice pantsuits. I like dress jackets. I have always been a bit of a cross dresser: flannel shirts, tshirts, blue jeans (not skinny just comfortable), sweat shirts, guy type jackets and work boots worn to school. So comfortable and practical!

  • Cellist

    I was counseled once and only once about wearing pants in cold weather. The brother thought it wasn't cold enough to justify wearing pants. I asked him if he had long underwear under his wool pants. He said yes. I told him to quit being a hypocrite. I never bothered to disguise the fact that I was wearing pants, I didn't care what they thought.


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