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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    When someone cuts you off in traffic, what is the best option?

    1. California Howdy
    2. Imaginative cursing
    3. unimaginative cursing
    4. waving fist
    5. chasing vehicle into ditch and then setting on fire
    6. chasing vehicle into ditch
    7. mooning while passing
    8. flick a booger on windshield
    9. say "oh dideley okey thing, fick a fuddelly foo! Praise Jesus!"
    10. laugh maniacally
    11. other
  • jaguarbass

    Ill pick other.

    In florida 3 out of 4 cars have guns in them. You dont want to piss off an armed nut.

  • erynw

    Other. Arrive alive the commercial says.

  • JK666

    Tell them they are number one with a central digit.


  • frankiespeakin

    I will usually pick other, I have become and am in the process of becoming less offended these days.

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    I find that a big smile, accompanied by an enthusiastic round of applause can really unsettle the offender.....


  • Priest73

    I had some young 'lady' cut me off on the highway Friday. Missed me with in inched while she chatted away on her mobile phone. I chose to employ my "driving finger." But usually I just smile and wave, however that one just plain irked me.


    I talk to myself. "That idiot! Oh well, I'll pass him/her up eventually and show them who's car more power." Unless, they are going much faster than I would want to. Then I hope the cops will pull 'em over. Btw, I have a Jetta 1.8T...."T" as in TURBO.. 180HP NICE!


  • eclipse

    One loud 2 second burst of the horn.

    It gets their attention, and where I live, it's proper etiquette for when you get cut off.

  • greendawn

    In a country like America with the violent gun culture it would be better to go easy and just sound the horn. Even in England I would play it safe because you don't know what nutjob could be behind the wheel.

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