when did "new light" teaching start. What goof was covered?What a CYA idea!

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  • Guest39

    I found this article of interest. I DON'T agree with their reasoning ('adjustments' HAVE been made to previous points of view), but here it is for your enjoyment. WT 1981; Dec 1, pp 26-31 "The Path of the Righteous Does Keep Getting Brighter" /quote At times explanations given by Jehovah’s visible organization have shown adjustments, seemingly to previous points of view. But this has not actually been the case. This might be compared to what is known in navigational circles as “tacking.” By maneuvering the sails the sailors can cause a ship to go from right to left, back and forth, but all the time making progress toward their destination in spite of contrary winds /*quote The Bible says the light gets brighter, it's not a lighthouse that blinks!! TC

  • journey-on

    They have an answer for everything. That way, their followers don't have to search as if for hidden treasure. It's

    all done for them, and that's the way they like it! Keep the r&f blind and dumb and dependent on the WTS.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    When you sit on the apparent throne of God you can get away with anything, there is no penalty to pay if you present false doctrines to the general public

    the business boys in Brooklyn are well aware of this. Where is the Judicial Committee that looks over them ?

  • greendawn

    They are a law unto themselves being the CEOs (chief executive officers) of the multi billion corporation they can damn well do as they please. This is obviously not God's organisation.

    They got their authority through capital invested, it's the mysterious share holders of the WTS that approve their appointment not the Holy Spirit.

  • jwfacts

    I think this quote is more what you were after

    Zion's Watch Tower 1881 February pp.3, 188

    “ If we were following a man undoubtedly it would be different with us; undoubtedly one human idea would contradict another and that which was light one or two or six years ago would be regarded as darkness now; But with God there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, and so it is with truth; any knowledge or light coming from God must be like its author. A new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. … “New Light” never extinguishes older "light" but adds to it… "

  • jwfacts

    The present truth term was also used by Barbour.

    The test of true brotherhood in Christ, is not feeling, or profession; but walking in the light of
    present truth. THREE WORLDS, AND THE HARVEST OF THIS WORLD. p.30 (1877)

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    It is my understanding that the average JW follows the GB because of WHOM it claims to be, regardless of WHAT the GB is saying.

    This has significant ramifications when trying to reason with the GB's followers.


  • oompa

    I still need some help with this one guys. Specifics if possible.


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