FOR DUMMIES: Jehovah Has ALWAYS Used an Organization. Not!!

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    Open mind

    Good points Rebel Wife and.........


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  • faundy

    I have always wondered this- where was a representative of Jehovah in the middle ages? And the last seven centuries before Russell??????

  • nvrgnbk
    It is very common for a JW to say to a fading JW - you are either part of Jehovah's org or Satans. Yet such a statement is Watchtower loaded language. The Bible never uses the word Organization.

    Rutherford invented the Jehovah camp vs. Satan camp ideology.

    Classic cultic Us vs. Them.

    He also came up with the concept of the "Organization" at that time.

    This was all accomplished by means of the article "The Birth of the Nation", published in the March 1, 1925 issue of The Watch Tower.

    It was an attempt to rally the r/f in the midst of the 1925 embarrassment.

    Many left over this new understanding as it differed greatly from what had been published in The Finished Mystery.

    He was effectively alienating the opposition and consolidating his power.

    It was a genius move.

    Brilliant way to control people.

    'Stay here and you're on God's side. Leave and you belong to Satan.'

    Religions have used this tactic for years, but Rutherford perfected it.

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