Yoga anyone?

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  • BFD

    Nice, changeling. One of the books I ordered just arrived yesterday. "Stillness Speaks" by Echart Tolle.

    I used to do yoga for excersize and really should get back into it. I have a busy brain too.


  • FadingAway
    I did not know it before, but I need to "quiet" my mind. I’ve lived all my life with an incredibly "noisy" brain.

    Hey Changeling. Yoga is something I've wanted to try. They have a Yoga studio near my job, may go check it out. Anyway I've experienced the quietness of mind you talk about when I was involved with the martial arts. I used to do kata in the early morning to the rising of the sun or late at night under the full moon. To me it was moving meditation, my mind was clear and I wasn't conciously (I know I spelled this wrong!) doing the moves, but they were flowing out of me. After completing kata, my mind was clear and I was at peace.

    Unfortunately, I can't relay my experience with JWs because their concept of martial arts is what the society tells them, a violent hobby with the dabble of eastern religion.

  • sweetstuff

    Yoga is one of the best and hardest forms of exercise, because you are focusing on your breathing and let every other thought flow thru you like a ripple, retaining none. It's great for kids too, my youngest is sometimes tempermental, I got her into yoga and meditation and she calms right down, as soon as she starts to meditate, works like a charm!

  • Tara


    How wonderful. You've convinced me to try it. I, too, have a mind that is constantly racing along in high gear.

  • Satanus

    Congratulations. I understand that yoga is moving meditation. I often do a form of meditation w breath control and going deep into my center as i'm driving home from work. Meditation moving @ 65mph, hehe.



    I took a Yoga class at college a couple of years was cool, relaxing and it was NOTHING like the JW's claimed. Apparently the JW's are against it because it requires a bit of time, time we were supposed to devote to the ministry work only.


  • changeling

    I'm glad to have inpired some of you!

    I think the WT fears yoga because they want us to have cluttered minds that hear only their voice. It's when we listen to our own internal voice that we find peace and meaning and are able to see things clearly. Seeing things clearly and being a loyal witness are like oil and water.


  • mentalclearness

    I've also been thinking about trying it. Thanks for your post. After your description I'm going to give it a go....

  • pratt1

    I started taking yoga classes about 2 months ago.

    I find it very calming but to my surprise I really get a good work out from it. I sweat a lot and I have found that I am becoming much more flexible.

    I do weight training 3 times a week, and boxing once a week, yoga once a week.

    The yoga is as strenght building as the my other routines.

    I used to laugh at the people in my gym making the funny yoga poses.

    I don't anymore!

    If any of you are members of New Yrok Sports Club - you gotta take a yoga class, its free.

  • Seeker4

    I did yoga classes a few years ago, and some on my own since then. I'm starting a new, intense exercse program this coming week, and one day entails 90 min of yoga.

    I've loved it every time I do it, though I tend to have a not-especially limber body for a few of the poses. My hamstrings have always been exceptionally tight. The yoga really lets me stretch them.

    Done properly, yoga is excellent exercise. All you need to do is look at Madonna's body, she's 49, and the fact that Sting still performs quite unembarrasedly shirtless at 55! Both are long time yoga practitioners.

    Nice essay, yet again.


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