My wife is frightened about the end/ What to say without sounding Apostate?

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  • millie210
    I like what Morpheus said. It builds her trust in YOU not "them".
  • BU2B

    Hi Suavojr!

    I would just read her some quotes from old WT that sound urgent, or that discourage college because the end was so close etc just like todays text, with dates like the 30s-80s. Ask her to guess when these urgent warnings were written. She will likely think they were written within the last few years. When she sees they were from the 60s she will get the point, at least subconciously that these are tired old warnings and there is no need to freak out over them! The reaction todays text had on your wife was the intended one. Create Fear Obligation and Guilt, spurring on further activity, contributions, obedient thoughts etc.

    Please remember that IN GENERAL women FEEL and use emotion in a way we generally do not. While you are using your power of reason and logic, she will not, or may not be capable of doing so. Try to tailor your response with this in mind. Facts will not get through, so use things that will make her feel. Thats what the WT and is all about right now. Just think of all the sappy music in the jwbroadacst videos! Its all designed to bypass concious thought and go right to the emotions.

    Also why is she so freaked out by the end coming? Is she afraid for your "spirituality"? Do you think she has a clue about how you feel?

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Today's daily text was surely a scary one for many a JW. This is when knowing TTATT comes in handy the most.

    When the fear mongering starts, I just give the neutral blank expression and walk away if possible.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Just tell her not to worry, over and over again. Don't try to explain anything since it would be inevitable that you don't agree with the organization. She would probably consider you as a borderline apostate no matter what you say.
  • Phizzy
    Why is she fearful ? has she been up to naughties ? if not Jehovah will shield her won't he ?
  • Ding

    You might point out to her that the WT comments were meant to be reassuring to JWs. Jehovah will cut short the attack and JWs will be saved, etc.

    In view of this, I would suggest inviting her to tell you why she is afraid.

    Perhaps she will disclose doubts that you never knew she had... and you can connect with her on a human (i.e. non-cult) level.

  • JWCartPusher

    Hi, I grew up with a huge fear complex that the End would kill me and my friends when I was 4 years old. Please tell her I had to go through therapy in fourth to eighth grade because and this was paid by the State of California's Social Services. This religion has had a very nasty impact on my early developmental years, now it's interesting seeing how Christian Freedom and Salvation are not based on the Fear Mongering Crooks of Bethel.

    The Biblical Gospel is different from JWs, please tell her if she accept's Jesus Christ as her personal Savior she has nothing Eternal to fear! May God bless you and your wife!

  • All for show
    All for show
    Acts 1:6,7- read this.... Basically says it's none of our business to know when the end comes. Men need not concern themselves. We need to be aligned with Gods word from the bible, not men bolstering up fear within us. We can't go around God and still assume date calculations, Jesus told us, we were not to know Gods timetable!
  • BU2B
    I think ding has the best advice on here so far.. Follow that
  • RubaDub

    You could sit down with her, hold her hand and pray for strength in these difficult times. As mentioned above, read Zeph 2:3 ... "probably you will be concealed in the day of His anger."

    Then tell her since the word "probably" is used in the verse, you have decided to hedge your bets and increase your life insurance policies just in case.

    Rub a Dub

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