Do you think JW's grow and mature as they age?

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  • megsmomma

    I ask because my ex, who is still a JW and my 9 year old's dad (hence the still knowing him part) hardley seems to change at all over the years. I do know he is now an elder....and he doesn't have time for much fun. (They are usually broke and busy with meetings, ect.) But, mentally....he doesn't seem to change.

    Does being a JW stunt you?

  • minimus

    This religion would've stunted Wilt Chamberland.

  • megsmomma

    Yea....I guess it's a "duh" type of question.


    Stunt them? Of course. Their whole academic intake is based on the JW's teachings and nothing else. It keeps them very narrow-minded and limited to only what they are taught. They may read in the Awake current events going on in the world, but NEVER in depth, nor do they know how to use the critical thinking process, due to a lack of time or ability. This of course is all contingent on if they go 100% by the book, JW teachings that is.


  • Mrs. Witness
    Mrs. Witness

    My JW might think he's grown up and mature, but really, he's got the mentality of a 15-year-old. It's so hard to discuss things with him because when I use big words , he gets agitated and starts attacking (tho' that might just be a JW knee-jerk response since we're usually discussing JW doctrine...).

  • Gregor

    When a muscle is not used it atrophies. Jehovah's Witnesses shut down a major part of their intelligence and intellect and turn that work over to the Watchtower Society. Whenever questions arise, What's the meaning of life? Why was I born? What are my moral values?, etc.. etc.. They simply parrot the WTS and smugly feel good about how smart they are. They are very much like zombies. The Pod people. Mental Midgets.


    speaking of zombies, I was once in a cong. in Maine where a particular family were really weird. They dressed like from way back during the Depression, the girls had their hair braided and tied back, the dad was an elder and the worse thing of all, THOSE KIDS FROM THAT FAMILY, (honest truth) NEVER MOVED A MUSCLE WHILE SITTING IN THEIR SEATS. Would they have gotten beaten upon getting home? They sat there like literal zombies. It was scary.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I do believe that it stunts people intellectually as they just become more indoctrinated but no wiser as far as how the world works. They still judge people but worse as they age. Their heads become even bigger. I think they degress as they grow.

  • megsmomma

    That is interesting, white dove...I think you are right about them digressing.

    And REBORNAGAIN...I bet they were beaten if they moved. I had friends in a hall who's parents made them sit that still....and if they didn't....hell to pay.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Absolutely! My ex wife never read the newspaper, never listenned to the news on TV or the radio. Her contact with the outside world events was either through the magazines, or what the brothers detailed for conversation at the meeting for field service. It was embarressing at times when she would introduce a topic at the door, get most of the facts wrong, and then the householder would call her on it. It would require me jumping in and comment so that we wouldn't look like complete idiots.

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