A deflating talk with my brother re: anti-witnessing,,,,thoughts?

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  • worldtraveller

    I have never been a witness, but I made my associate look like a fool, and he has stopped babbling about his addiction to the WTS.

    It's real easy to lock horns with a witness. Logic and knowledge such as I have found made it easy to contradict. Believe me though, I was not happy to discover another corrupt belief. Just for a moment I thought he actually had something. Sort of like peeling a bandage off yourself and finding an infection or worse instead of a healed wound

    Note I said logic, not more bible passages.

  • joelbear69

    if you are debating to learn how others see things and to bolster your own reasoning ability its a good thing. if you are debating to try to change someone's mind on a faith issue, you are in general wasting your time.

  • rebel8

    Non-jws at the door in field service are the ones who started my independent thinking.

  • Twitch
    Shoot Twitch, I wasn't clear! I had to go back and edit my post because of you! Thankfully, NONE of my family immediate or otherwise have ever been one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I'm an anomaly, a cult nerd.

    LOL. No, I totally misread what you had said. Brother never was, got it,....(Reading in skim mode can be dangerous to understanding, please don't try this at home..;)

  • Shawn10538

    I never thought I would be out there picketing either, but it does do lots of good. I can remember things that picketers were yelling at me when I was a little kid, and it always made me think real hard about what they were saying. I even remember when Randy's airplane flew over dodger stadium. I remember thinking, "Well, what DID happen at Bethel in 1980?' 20 years later I would have that question answered. I was always curious about the people picketing. I wish more people would do it. I think every ex should try it at least once. then you'll see the atraction.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Open Mind

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