A horrible scary thing happened to my daughter. You won't believe this

by coffee_black 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • delilah

    How disgusting!! Sure makes one think about eating out at fast food joints. I'm sorry your daughter got so sick, but I'm so glad she is getting treatment...

  • tula

    I would recommend taking milk thistle as many toxins and poisons are stored in the liver.

  • BrentR

    There are only two types of people, those that have had food poisoning and those who have not. I got E.Coli from an under cooked hamburger several years ago and spent five horrid days in the hospital. You can completely understand how it can kill children and senior citizens from what it does to you.

    I am glad she is OK and hope she does not have any kidney or GI problems down the road. Most certainly take legal action since getting your ass sued seems to be the only communications most businesses understand. She will have resturant paranoia for the rest of her life from this experience.

  • coffee_black

    I'll pass along your suggestions to her. Many thanks to all of you.

    I'm going to try to get some sleep. I'm wide awake but exhausted.... I have to get up very early, so I'm going to go give it a try. I may be back if I can't sleep...no use tossing and turning...


  • Finally-Free

    Talk to a lawyer. My ex and I got the runs after eating cream filled donuts at a local donut shop. My ex called their head office and they had an insurance guy visit us the next day with a cheque.

    We weren't nearly as ill as your daughter, nor did we see a doctor or have anything documented.

    Get a lawyer, and sue. Let their VP talk to your lawyer.


  • Snoozy

    Well I for one won't be stopping for my "Milkshake " anymore...
    I usually get them at Mcdonalds or Steak and shake.
    Think I will make my own from now on.

    I got deathly ill from Taco Bell one time.I firgure it was the sour cream. It hit hard and fast..I know it had to be food poisoning.

    Thanks for the warning..so sorry your daughter had to go through that..hope all turns out OK...and I didn't know how it could affect you down the road...scares you. I thought once you felt better all was well. SCARY!


  • Leolaia

    Weird...I distinctly remember my bf had a shake a few months ago at a fast food place and then was ill the rest of the afternoon. Yuck! :(

  • coffee_black

    Just got off of the phone with my daughter. She's feeling somewhat better...still shaky though.. I gave her all your advice. I'll keep you posted.


  • greendawn

    That bucket being used in the cleaning of toilets and then with food to be used for human consumtion is enough to put many people off from eating out. I rarely ever do.

    They deserve a good suing, a massive penalty and getting shut down for ever for playing fast and loose with the public's health.

  • megsmomma

    I am glad she is ok and that they "caught" something else they csn now help her with.....that is freaky!

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