NWT most accurate?

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  • dust

    Just for the record, what is it that has been scanned at the beginning of the thread?

  • karvel
    what is the date of this item?

    my bad. its from the latest special issue awake on the bible. see the rest in my other thread.

  • Leolaia

    Right, so how ironic that they printed this right after the Sept. KM.

  • Dagney
    The Watch Tower Society will want to selectively quote BeDuhn's book because he compliments portions of the New World Translation. On the other hand, considering what Truth in Translation also says about the New World Translation in areas of its weakness, the Watch Tower Society will need to proceed cautiously when quoting Truth in Translation. BeDuhn devoted an entire appendix (The Use of "Jehovah") to the 237 occurrences of "Jehovah" in the New World Translation Greek Scriptures (New Testament). In that appendix he essentially denies the most prominent feature of the New World Translation's Greek Scriptures when he disputes the appropriateness of using Jehovah in the New Testament. We will consider that subject in the Appendix comments.

    A review of the BeDuhn book.

    Highlighted text is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you, whoever you are.

  • bobld

    What no accurate Bible until the NWT of 1960.Yeah right on God keep everyone in the dark.Sorry not God but bs fds/gb.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    How ironic it is that the Sept. KM blasted those having a "study of Biblical Hebrew and Greek so as to analyze the accuracy of the New World Translation

    At the Ottawa Meetup group there is a person who studied ancient Biblical language and found out quite quickly that the WTS was dead wrong on many of their translations. That is what helped her out the WT doors.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Lady Lee, what was the purple book, that I thought when I was young, proved that the NWT was right? Was it printed by the WT$

  • Narkissos

    hl: It might be the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures -- offering the Westcott & Hort critical edition of the Greek NT, along with word-for-word translation and the NWT in the margin. And yes, it is a WT publication.

    Actually it only proves the NWT is right to those who don't read it. To the others, it is a very helpful tool to point to the NWT inconsistencies. I often wondered why they actually made it.

  • ProdigalSon

    The Witchtower would melt faster than Margaret Hamilton without their Jesuit Bible.

    Maybe this is why they don't publish the names of their translators:


  • LanDi

    The NWT has been severely tampered with to comply with the " revealed truths "

    A few examples to show are Changes to the probable immortality of the soul :

    KJV " according to the will of God, commit eh keeping of their souls to him" & the ORIGINAL " commit the keeping fo their souls " vs the NWT conveniently saying " keep on commending their souls . ". Ecclesiatstes 12:7 (or 11:7 can't read my own handwriting!) " the Spirit returns to God [ at Death]" is altered to in the NWT " the spirit itself returns". BIG changes I'm sure you will agree.

    HEBREWS 1:6-8 reference to the son ORIGINAL " 6 > all the angels of God worship him " & 8 " The throne of you O God " & the KJB " 6> let all the angels of God worship him " & 8 " Thy throne O God " vs the NWT " 6> bow down, do Obeisence" & 8 " God is your throne forever.". Again a substantial difference. Matthew 2:11 " bowed down and worshipped him "[ sheppards Jesus Birth] changed to " Did obeisance to him."

    Jesus relation to Jehovah is also interesting check in various Bibles ( try 4 translations for a rounder view) John 1:1 " The word was God" changed in the NWT to " The word was a God ". Also Acts 10:36 changed from " The Lord of all" to in the NWT " the lord of all other ". John 14:14 changed significantly.Revelation 1L:8, Rev 22:13-20 and Isaiah 9:6. Matthew 5:19 is also significant as is Matthew 25:46, Luke 12:9, the list is huge. PLUS, Exodus 3:4 [ God to Moses on the Mountain] " I AM WHO I AM" changed to " I SHALL PROVE TO BE " to blur simularity with Jesus words " I am "(John 8:58) changed in the wonderful NWT to " I have been" [ relation to the age of Jesus in Abrahams time]

    One worthy of Note is Luke 23:43 " Today you will be with me " changed to in the NWT" I tell you today, you with be with me." [ Robber at Crucifixtion]

    In Genesis 1:2 the " Spirit of God " has been changed in the NWT to " God's active force".

    The ministry is also a huge significance. John 1:12 Believe changed to exercises faith (ministry significance) John 3:16,Roman 4:4 10:4,9,10. The witnesses in Revelation 6:9 slain because of " the message the were receiving "NCV " The testimony that they held " KJV "the testimony which they were keeping " ORIGINAL is conveniently changed to " The Witness work they used to have " NWT - Significantly different! Also Romans 10:10 " with the heart one believes resulting in righteousness & witht eh hearth one confesses resulting in salvation " ORIGINAL & " confession is made unto salvation" JKJV changed conveniently once again to " one makes public declaration for salvation " NWT. Sell them Watchtowers!!

    Let us not forget that the JW bible NWT contradicts itself Hosea 13:4 " I am Jehovah - there was no saviour but I " and Isaiah 43:11 " I am Jehovah and beside me there is no savior " NWT yet Act 4:10-12 " That is the name of Jesus Christ there is no salvation in anyone else " and Romans 10:13 " everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah " NWT quotes bear in mind Kurio means Lord! Also check John 5:22

    The Scolar William Barclay states that the NWT is " intellectually dishonest.". YOU CANNOT DISAGREE.

    The Bible states that if anyone adds to the word of God or takes anything away, they will be condemned. Shay I translate Shakespere from the originals or into French/German and fiddle with the words, subtleties are so easily lost in a words meaning, as we have seen. The NWT is a bag of *&& %*&^$£*&$ period. John 17:3 " This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you the One true God and of the one you sent forth Jesus Christ.".

    Let's not fiddle with that message.................

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