How long will Watchtower last??

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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Not long I hope but, I think the information presently on the inter-net is going to slow things down for them and possibly bring useful information about

    this group, there is a growing social awareness about religious cults such as this

  • BFD

    Okay. Try to listen with understanding.

    Whether you personally think it's a lie or not is irrelevant to the fact that millions of people think that it is an appealing message.

    I could say the same to you about natural things. What's your point?

    Are you flirting with me, 5gen?


  • 5thGeneration

    Maybe! LOL

  • BFD

    You're alright, 5gen! lol

    Um to get back to the topic at hand...

    I think the Watchtower will last a very long time but will keep morphing into something new. Afterall no one can honestly say that the WT is the same religion as it was even 20 or 30 years ago. Thier message lie has remained the same but the way of keeping the flock in line keeps changing.

    Also the thought of the end not being in this lifetime was never a thought 30 years ago. But now with the generation change it could mean the big A is 100 years or more away. The urgency is gone. We should all be standing around petting lions by now.


  • 5thGeneration

    Do you think it's morphing though?

    Seems to me they just ignore all of the facts and keep bulldozing through the same old messages.


  • freyd

    Has the man of sin has been exposed?

  • BFD

    The prize is the same but so many other things get changed due to new light. When I was growing up it was inconcievable that I would graduate JUNIOR high school in this system. Honey, 50 is staring me in the face! WTF!

    It was drummed into my head that surely before the generation that saw the things come to pass in 1914 perished this system of things would end. That has morphed in 1995. The sealing of the annoited has morphed. No longer sealed in 1935. The whole 1914 date is going to have to change soon. The foundation of this religion is on rocky ground but I think they will be able to shore it up with clever new light.

    So yes, I do think it is morphing.


  • greendawn

    Up to now they have managed their R&F with clever mass persuasion methods quite well, if they managed to withstand the 1995 change of the so called last generation they will probably be around for a while yet though with ever diminishing influence. I was surprised that most JWs didn't leave in 1995 as that meant the end of their expectations.

  • Quandry

    The foundation of this religion is on rocky ground but I think they will be able to shore it up with clever new light.

    And I, for one, have to admit just how clever they are. Just when we start to think, "Surely they've painted themselves into a corner with this one," they keep one step ahead with "new light'"exlaining away the previous "truth."

    How do they explain the increase in annointed? Oh, we never said 1935 was the real, ultimate, final, that's all, no more, sealing date. Now the resurrected ones are "speaking from heaven" and giving new light.

    1914-generation will not pass away? Just change the meaning of "generation."

    We are in the last days since early 1900s? Well, now we're in "the last of the last days."

    How did we swallow it all for so long? I did for more than thirty years!!!!!!

  • flipper

    It will last until some kind of MAJOR scandal brings it down. I feel it would have to involve criminal prosecution of the governing body for some underhanded financial criminal activity, or as I've said before one or more members of the governing body involved in front page news of a child molestation scandal, or maybe their tactics of extorting money from their members. Somehow , someway, getting this on front page news would be difficult as the org. is only 6 or 7 million worldwide. It doesn't make that big of a dent in most people's lives. But I still think it will go down within the next 20 to 30 years, based on a variety of things that others have said as well

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