Were You The World's Worst Parent?

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  • freyd

    And did your kids love you anyway?

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Sometimes my son tells me that I am the worst mom in the world (generally when I have said NO) but mostly after his bath, whne he is all warm and fuzzy and sleepy, he come and curls up on my lap and tells me that he love the fattest mom (Yes, I am a bit chubby)

    With my own mom and dad : Although I desperatly wish that my upbringing had been different, that they hadn't gotten trapped in 'the truth' back in the day, that I was given opportunities that normal 'worldly' kids had, and I do get bitter and twisted sometimes over it all, I know that I still love them more than I can express.

  • freyd

    I've got news for you all. When you're young and beautiful, it's an accident. When you're old and beautiful, you've earned it.

  • sweetstuff

    Nope, but I am a much better one now, leaving freed me to enjoy my kids for what they are, kids. Not little soldiers, sitting quietly for two hours at a time.

  • freyd

    I like what Bill Cosby had to say about why grandparents and grandkids get along so well. They had a common enemy and so that the grandparents could say, "See God, I may have been a rotten parent, but look at me now."

  • freeme

    honestly i think teaching your kids that the JW teachings are 100%ig correct and teach them not to question it but study more jw literature is a good bet on being the "worst parent"...

    even though my own parents did that with me and never teached me to think but only to swallow i cant hate them.

    i love them because i know everything they did was for love. so they did it right... and they're the best :P

    but i fear im not worthy of their love when i leave anymore... but i wont hate them for that... again its their way to express the love...

    they're victims... like i am...


    Nope!! In comparison to my crazy parents I am a great parent. I remember confusion, fighting, cursing, yelling and hitting. I am proud to say my children will never experience those things. The JW really breeds craziness. I think my mom was so conflicted with what she thinks is right and what she really wanted to do that she was making all of us miserable and my dad, well, my dad is just miserable. He is not a JW. I love but my parents still even in spite of the unhapiness her religion caused me... sitting in the hall almost every holiday at school.. being the outcast almost everywhere and her making damn sure everyone knew why! I wish things were different. I just feel like crying.

  • megsmomma

    I am a great momma now...Now that I am myself.

    I was a HORRIBLE parent to my first daughter. I left her and her dad when she was a baby. I had a post partum breakdown and left my Dub life to "die in the world". I wish I could go back and do it all different. But, now that I am better, I am now a good momma to my 9 year old too...I am real, and that makes it so she can be real when she is with me.

    ((((((((((((((((((HUGS to I want my mom back))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • RisingEagle

    Were you the world's worst parent?

    No, but there are at least 1000 times a day that I think, "Wow Chris, you REALLY suck at this parent thing!"

    I could listen better, show more patience and even explain more things in a way that a six year old understands.

    For example, a few weeks ago our daughters bio grandparents came into town for a visit and after they left we tried to go through the same bedtime routine that we've established. Due to the excitement of the day, the rugrat was all wound tight and was up and out of bed several times. On the fourth time telling her to go to bed, when I was in the kitchen feeding our dogs, my wife informs her that if she gets up again she was going to, "send Chris in," and that if I have to go in she, "wasn't going to like it one bit!" I hear this from the kitchen and I'm thinking to myself, "What the he!!? When did I become the enforcer?" So, of course, she gets up again and my wife just looks at me in that tone of voice, and yes she looks at me in tones of voices, I swear.

    So I lead the little one back to bed and sternly tell her, "All right, xxx, your job is to close your eyes and dream. Your job is to dream about the visit you had with your grandma and poppa. Your job is to dream about all the things you want to be when you grow up. Do you want to be a dancer? Dream about that. Do you want to be a gymnast? Your job is to dream about that. Do you want to be a doctor (oh please, oh please)? Your job is to dream about that...." I must have rambled on and on. When I got done, she looked at me and said, "Can't my job just be to go to sleep?"

    Not the worst parent in the world, but I'm getting there.


  • ex-nj-jw

    No, but mom was and still is. I love her anyway, I just don't like her very much.


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