What are JW beliefs called?

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  • Paralipomenon

    I believe they conceded to be classified as restorationist on wiki.

    Their belief is that the afterlife will take place on a restored earth after Armageddon.

  • Inquisitor

    Do you mean from an outsider's perspective or from a JWs perspective?

    From my experience, JWs use the following terms:

    • The Truth
    • Spiritual truths/ Bible truths *
    • divine truth *
    • Jehovah's teachings/instruction
    • Spiritual food *
    • accurate knowledge (of Jehovah God)

    * not necessarily a phrase peculiar to JWs. Other fundamentalist Christians may love using these terms too

    As you may have already gathered from the others, "the Truth" remains the most popular expression. One can "walk in the Truth" or "fall away from the Truth", the latter especially so if a youth (they love drumming in this stereotype) fails to "make the Truth" his/her own.


  • sweetface2233

    I think the proper term is "bullshit". Although, w/ my family I refer to it as JW beliefs.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Cultistic, misleading,new light,old light,Watchtowersez, Societysez. Brothers at bethell say,

    You do the hokey cokey and you turn around, that's what it's all about.

  • minimus

    How about "truthisms".

  • Homerovah the Almighty
  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Another don't make me laugh; "Accurate Understanding" What the Bible actually teaches"

  • Iron Rod
    Iron Rod

    If you really want to tweak him, start using the term "Rutherfordism". Or perhaps "Franzism."

    I like the term "Drivel." (Religious Gymnastics,maybe?)

    Although I must say that sweetface has a good one,too!

  • RebelWife

    Good ideas! I also like to say things like "that group's beliefs" or that "church's doctrine". Neither of those go over very well, either. I just wondered if they have anything official so that I can be sure NOT to use it. Sometimes hubby slips a little loaded language in, like "overcoming" my "objections". Then I try to get him to explain how a simple question is an objection and just WTF does he think he's overcoming.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I like to use the correct terms for everything. Our belief's are called "Watchtower-palooza" if you want the correct definition.

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