My Cong- "Large Witness Gatherings are Banned!! And fancy dress? Why?

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  • greendawn

    In a grim society full of prohibitions people need to have some fun and let out steam. They can't always think about the spiritual (or pseudospiritual in the case of the JWs) needs while their social and emotional needs are ignored and neglected. Banning innocent gatherings is another cultic sign.

  • anglise

    There was a WT that specifically banned fancy dress/masquerade parties. Sorry havent got the CD to hand but I am sure it would be easy to find.

    Yes they have the power in their own little world to ban anything that take attention/time/money away from the WTBTS.

    We also had a local needs item in our cong following a 70's themed fancy dress party many years ago.

    HTH Anglise

  • tula

    I once played the Queen of Tarts in an assembly production.

  • tula

    here's a scene we did from Jonah and the whale.

  • tula

    This is from the production:

    Food at the Proper Time.

    The elders sang a new song: "Let them eat cake; just give them new Bibles"

    I heard that show was also produced in some of the Ethopian assemblies.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    Some years back some of the friends wanted to do a "Formal". Well the elders wanted to kill that so their excuse was that those who could not afford the dress code would feel excluded.

    What utter rubbish!!!!!!! I wished the brothers and sisters in my former congo would have a "Formal"... somehow it never happened. I did attend a "formal" with "worldly" people once ... we had such a great time!

  • sparrow

    d#$kheads - those rake up your arse elders. My band always played at parties (mostly at my place) or engagements etc. I'm sure things were said but nothing ever came of it. Most young people I knew by the time I was nearly out didn't mind a good time and quite a few drinks.

  • JeffT

    Wow, when I was absorbed one of the attractions was hanging out with people that had fun together. We used to have congregation picnics that included softball and touch football.

    Do they really think acting this way will encourage growth?

  • 4mylove


    I love how this is a Holy bible and not NWT!

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    hey Reborn, this Hot Stuff? lol, I had forgotten all about this character. One of my brothers has this tatoo with USMC above it.


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