Is it "Deception" or are they simply "Misguided"???

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  • AlphaOmega
    When I was in the process of leaving a ran across a complete text. What they left out was all about Jesus coming back in 1874, the time of the end beginning in 1878 and a number of other things that most JW's today would regard as nonsense. It immediately struck me that whoever wrote that passage in the Yearbook HAD to have known what should have been contained in the ellipses. I have thought ever since that they are deliberately deceiving their followers, at least at some level.

    That's a good point Jeff... likewise the Revelation book (both editions) state that 1914 was predicted to be the BEGINNING of the time of trouble... but a quick look at the Watchtowers of the time show that it was obvious that it was going to be the END of the time of trouble...

    I wonder why those early Watchtowers aren't on the Watchtower CD

    Scans here

    So with the same thinking in mind, IGNORANCE of the society's history is one thing, but DECEIVING people about it is another.

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    I think its a subtle form of hypnosis... it causes a sort of tunnel vision. when I was an active borg drone, I would discover something that caused doubts... but I would only see it in isolation against all the other things I held true and did not question [yet]... after my theological implants failed, my now Ex and I sat down and discussed ALL of our doubts and for the first time saw them in a pile-- a very big pile at that, astounding to us --but not when you consider the power of suggestion and fear and other emotional effects on attention. I have experienced tunnel vision in the grip of addiction... to the point where the JW advise to PRAY to Jehovah was completely absent until afterwards... which made me ponder how I could be held accountable when I was incapacitated so completely...was it my fault I was designed this way?

  • greendawn

    They do have some really clever mind tricks up their sleeves to stop the critical thinking faculty of their members. They just lap up naively everything they are told is the truth. But they (the GB) themselves are not victims of this trickery.

  • jaguarbass

    When I was a witness back in the 60's and 70's. I think most sincerly believed. The world was big, information was hard to come by. I have been out since 83. For the life of me I have to think there is a lot of disception going on today.

    Even if some have willfully kept themselves in the dark and away from all of the information that is abundently available. I think they have to be involved with deciet and deception to maintain the status quo. They have a certain amount of comfort from the Wactower lie and they are willing to be in denial to maintain that comfort zone.

    From my past experience I would say you can never trust a witness period. 80% of the ones I know all cheated and got divorced. They cheat and lie in business. They are masters of situational ethics. They have no problem going door to door and spreading lies. They have no concern or compassion for the kaos they are causing.

    But I will say that a percent maybe 20% are good honest people trying to do what is right. But you find that same 20% thru out society.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I really believe they are closer to deception than being misguided. I also think they believe what they teach.

    BUT there have been way too many cover-ups to say they are simply say they are misguided. The lies, half-truths, the things they want hidden. They deliberately tell JWs not to search on the internet. They KNOW what a JW will find.

    For me it is an attitude they have similar to what any abuser has - make sure no one finds put about the abuse.

    They KNOW! and still they lie, manipulate, and use fear tactics to control their victims so they don't find out.


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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    One thing that is a certainty you'll never make it as a jws. if you have an inquisitive analytical mind

    The foremost important part of their belief structure is that yes we are in fact god's only organization on earth so you better listen to what we say

    and most important buy are literature .

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    though some on here believe otherwise, I personally KNOW by direct experience they willfully lied about the subliminal issue whether they were trying to cover up a rogue artist, or the fact that they were using other people's art work, complete with subliminals and not crediting their sources, in some cases... the point is that they KNEW it existed, and made sure that anyone who ever noticed anything out of the ordinary would be DF'd if they brought it up.

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