Do you think the elders or the society know....

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  • B_Deserter

    That a lot of the people on these sites are people in the organization. Well, they probably assume that. But I wonder if they are aware of people that have been going to these sites for YEARS but just staying in for various reasons. Sometimes I wonder how many of us there actually are. I look at people the few times I go to the hall and wonder if they're feeling the same way I do. If they've already made a decision to leave but are just trying to fade or whatever. It's too bad there isn't some sign that we can display that can let others in the hall know who we are, but unfortunately I think the borg would pick up on something like that fast. Lol, sometimes I feel like I'm in a prison gang and I don't know who the other gang members are.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, B_Deserter:

    I just discussed this very point today with another inactive JW who would be at home here on JWD. We were talking about the fake smiles at the KH and the endurance put forth just to get there and STAY there, listening to what made us literally ill. Both of us are at peace, no longer subjecting ourselves to that message of doom and the conditional love proffered.

    Yes, I really do wonder what those who still attend actually are thinking ...

    Thanx for this topic,


    edited to add: I believe the Society is very aware of the unrest and discontent as the elders report trends and congregational problems. Something, surely, is afoot!

  • Hortensia

    well, you could ask about it when you next have a talk in the ministry school - "how many of you here are sick of all the Watchtower crap? Let's have a show of hands. Ummm-hmmmm, well I'm going out for a cup of coffee and maybe a piece of pie - you can all come with me. Now who wants to take over the show?" I imagine everyone would look shocked, but they wouldn't all look horrified - some would look as if a light went on in their heads.

    ahhh, just a fantasy. If you ever decide to do something like that, let me know. I might actually enter a KH without puking just to see it.

  • tula

    hey! I've got an idea!

    Why don't we do like the masons and eastern star>>>>

    Have a code signal so we can identify each other!

    It could be a hand sign or it could be a verbal recitation where you start the phrase and the other person finishes the sentence (thats E.S.)

  • changeling

    I like that one tula!

    I often wonder about certain witnesses. When I see them around town I almost want to say: "are you one of my people?"

    A signal would be very useful.


  • sweetface2233

    Ask Open Mind...he is an Elder!


    I personally think there are alot of pseudo Bro's & Sis's who are just too sacred to admit how they really feel Who are too whatever to live up to what they really feel is right. Too many stick with it because the others do, e.g. their closest friends and/or relatives. If they could just muster up enough courage and above all be honest with themselves, they'd be a whole lot happier.

    Since leaving the Borg, I will NEVER allow another religion or person ever talk me into anything ever again. From now on, I do what I feel is right, decent, just and what I know God approves of, no matter what others may think *Hallelujah! Amen & Amen!

  • tula

    for the ones still in that have to be...for their own personal reasons..

    try this on for a phrase for a "code signal"

    ("apostate") "You will know them by their fruits..."

    (respondent) "and the missing fruit is love."

    That first line gives nothing away.

  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams

    I was miserable, emotionally, many years in the JWs. Worse, far worse, my family suffered horribly...I've told a few stories: they could fill a book.

    HOWEVER, I NEVER, and, let me repeat that, NEVER came across anyone that could "out gun" me in a head to head debate. So, I was convinced the WT was doctrinally closer than anyone else. Now, give me a NWT and two hours and I can gut this beast and have steaks for supper.

    That is the funny part: how easy, how so very easy it is to prove the WT the outlandish, stupid, lying creature it is.

    Still not laughing,


  • JWdaughter

    Ever think how much it sounds like we(well, you faders) are in a communist country or are double agents spying and trying to figure out who the other guys are that are (really) on your side? Does it occur to anyone how sick it is that we are/have been part of a religion that inspires this kind of insanity? And since the web is wide open, any signal we come up with here will be ID'd to the CO/POs, etc and it would be pointless.

    Maybe instead of a word or hand signal, you all could be like the true Christians mentioned in the Bible-helping others (samaritans, widows, orphans (non JW), being kind and loving to others esp. those 'outsiders' in the cong. who are looked down on for being a hybrid family, too rich/poor/educated/uneducated/homely/beautiful--whatever it is to cause that in your little crowd.

    None of these things would do anything to get you kicked out, yet you would be actually living the life that some of you aspire to (more anyway) or at least being nicer. Everyone would wonder about you-it might inadvertantly give the WT a good name-but think, if you were ever interviewed in the Newspaper, you could (in a round about way) mention that while you are a JW, none of your activities are in response to your religious instruction, but rather are a result of your personal study of the bible:) Or something just subversive enough for them to get irritated and embarrassed, but not enough to actually censure you about it. And it might make them think about what they ARE teaching. And what are they going to do, Round up all the decent JWs who live like Jesus taught?

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